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Recently, my sleep schedule has gotten crazy because I don't have a day schedule and because of that, I'm up at 5am 6am typing whatever this blog is going to be. So yeahhhh, leave now if you wish to remain sane!

Ya'know? After typing most of this, it only came to mind now that maybe- just maybe, I should sleep? The thought only hit me when I misread Morning Musings as Morning Mushings. The thing is that I only realized it after I thought about Morning Mushrooms. Is it possible to misread a thought...?

Huh, must be the wind.

Anyways, yeah.
What was I doing?

So I was browsing the you of tubes(forgive me) and click clacking my keyboard(I don't feel bad about this one) when I stumbled on an idea generator for games and thought: "Mmm yes, this will do!" And I decided I would try fleshing the ideas out for fun. And washammm!

Here I am, early in the morning without sleep and listening to overly-happy electronic music.
All while staring into generated madness.
(Although I'll probably be ignoring the game genres for the most part.)

1. A mashup of the roguelike and text-adventure game genres, where you play as a pirate who loathes robots attempting to find a place to live.

The first thought that came to mind was that it didn't have to be a classic pirate! Maybe it's a futuristic setting where the player is a scavenger pirate? And the robots were androids that were leftover from an apocalypse that wiped out most of humanity. Like, there was some android uprising caused by some humans and a selfish android that left behind a shattered world.

Most of the androids could be aimless without orders and a few might've gained some sense of self. Anyways, it would be a neat setting to give the player thought food. Gum tier stuff to chew on.

Does the player (character) blame all androids for the end of the world? Do some of the androids go insane from existential dread? Or maybe they're more able to deal with it due to their nature/reasoning? At what point could an android be considered conscious and/or sentient? And yadda yadda...

I mean, it could also just be the good ol' ARRRR pirate where like robots from the future sought refuge in their world and bothered them. If a game had to be made with those genres, I guess it would be a roguelike where you fed story at milestones through text adventure sequences or some flavor text.


2. A game about death that takes place on a bouncy castle, where you play as a magical ghost who will stop at nothing to start a new life on mars.

Oh! This one sounds kinda cute- Well, maybe without the death part.
And the bouncy castle.

It's just... ya'know? It can only mean that this game is about kid's who die at bouncy castles and like one of them wanted to be an astronaut. And now as a ghost kid, they're dreaming of a new life on mars.

When I first read this, it was a bit too random for me to realize it but like isn't that the only way to look at it? I guess you could make it take place at a actual castle that was cursed to be bouncy. That way it would be more... uh, I don't know exactly what it would be at that point honestly.

Well, maybe not gum tier so much as endless tears but the generator's got spirit at least!
OKAY ok, I'll stop.

3. A blend of the shooter and text-adventure game genres, where you play as a faction of over-enthusiastic artificial intelligences with a tendency to over-share who want to make the world a better place.

I just wanna say before diving into this, that the happy music is hittin' hard with that juxtaposition.


Now hear me out!

*waves arm vaguely across area that you should be staring at while imagining stuff*

The AI want to make the world a better place but are too honest and earnest to do it right. Since you play as them, you would be trying to salvage and/or navigate complicated political/social enviroments while trying to bring people together!

I have no clue how or why you'd make that kind of a game a shooter but I do think games that suddenly transition to an unexpected genre can be comedic enough to justify it. It'd be a gag at most though.

For some genres it's more reasonable and maybe even critical. Well, that's how I see visual novels at least. As much as I like having art to go with what I read, sometimes it gets boring when I don't have to imagine as much. The pace of most visual novels is pretty slow too, which makes it a slog since I have to interact just enough to keep me from being comfortable and not enough to be fully engaged.

Not that I dislike VNs- most of my library are VNs. But I think it's important to consider VN-like segments mixed with some small stuff, like maybe a 3d map of a school to wander or other things to give a break from the reading.

welp, I ended up on a tangent about game genres a bit so yeah

Problematically earnest AIs feels like a refreshing take on our manipulative overlords.
I say, System Approved!
And last one cause I'm nearing 7am.
4. A third-person game where you play as a monster with a controversial opinion on pizza toppings attempting to found a new school.

But yeah, the toppings should totally be a running gag. I know some people complain about those who make a fuss about these things but it's all in the name of fun. From blueberry wardens to gremlin colonials, the world would be kinda boring if everyone was like, "oh you like that? cool" instead of "OI GET THAT TRASH OUT OF YOUR MOUTH".

Well, my preference anyways.

Hmm, a monster trying to found a school? Oh wait, I'm surprised I haven't done the cliched medieval-fantasy setting! Well, here it is. It's after an awkward peace agreement between demon-kind and humans who don't interact very often since the last war against humanity. One monster tries to found a school that will accept both humans and demons!

And pizza, I guess...

Yeah! Pizza are people too! Viva la pizzaaaaa!
Don't know where the whole 3rd person bit would come in but It's not at odds with anything else!
Okay, it's 7am. How and why did I spend 2 and a half hours typing this?
Oh well, guess that's what overly-enthusiastic electronic music does to ya!

Excessive and unnecessary editing too!
And maybe a lot of tea as well!
Okay, I guess I'll sleep now. Kinda have an appointment later in the day for new prescription lenses since apparently I couldn't see the side of a barn from the inside! *a gnome jingles in the distance and you smell ocean salt*
Well, good night! Or morning, or happy birthday, jazz day, or whatever it is over there.

Or maybe you're like me and don't have a schedule? Maybe you've gotten so used to doing nothing that time doesn't exist anymore and the days begin when you wake up and end when you sleep? Or maybe the opposite?

At any rate, happy good Christmas night!

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    1. Czaech_Returns Sep 1, 2021
      You want to sleep properly, I suggest, you don't take a nap in the afternoon then sleep early at night or don't sleep for a day then you sleep for the next day.
    2. Bitter Sweet Aug 31, 2021
      To emphasize the, "Jazz Day" greeting.
    3. Tech is life Aug 31, 2021
      Why do u write happy good Christmas night ??