Mt. Furoshiki, a Mountain Wrapped Up in Miserable Experiences


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Just some stuffs I typed while bored. These short entries recount some days from an expedition.

Nemthini 14, 396 RUTH

The first expedition team has reached the base of Mt. Furoshiki. It appears as described in the legends: Lush trees and foliage cover the mountain from all sides. Almost as if wrapping it so that another's eyes may not view it.

We've set up camp next to an open field, just within the shadows of the dense trees that blanket the whole area. Nearby, a stream about two meters across and two feet deep runs by our camp. Penchens claimed to have seen fish-like creatures within it, though no one else saw one. Later upon testing, we learned that the water is concentrated with curse magic.

Williams and Rosilisk volunteered to head slightly further up Mt. Furoshiki to scout the topography. Their report mentions that stones with glyphs jut from the ground randomly. Most likely the remnants of a large teleportation array from the Demon Queen Muliaum's reign.

Our supplies bear surplus and all items are accounted for.

We have decided that it's my turn to cook.

Nemthini 15, 396 RUTH
We have searched the base of Mt. Furoshiki; nothing concerning.

Our herbalist, Cathine, noted the strange plants in the surrounding area. She tested many of them to find that most are harmless. The ones that aren't, particularly the plants with red, cause one to bleed from their orifices if you stay exposed to them for awhile. Summarily, we had unanimously decided that Minty should always be in the presence of another.

Minty protested for ten minutes, ranting about bouquets and other miscellaneous luxuries. We had no choice but to have Clarine cast a sleep spell on her. Thankfully, no other issues occurred today.

We will spend the day resting from our journey.

All items are accounted for and supplies still bear surplus.

It was decided that I would cook today's meal again.

Nemthini 16, 396 RUTH
Minty woke up at around midnight. She ran away in what I assume is vindictive spite.

We spent the whole day searching for her, but could not find her.

Countess Derchies will not spare us if she dies.

I worry slightly.

Two pies and a quart of water is unaccounted for. We are nearly out of surplus.

Everyone refused to cook so I had to.

Nemthini 17, 396 RUTH
We found Minty; she was unconscious atop a tree further up the mountain. Vines with pink flowers were wrapped around her. We have never seen these elsewhere.

Doctor Brenit says she's fine and Cathine didn't find the vines to be harmful. Just in case, we have kept Minty in an tent to be guarded at all times. We will observe her condition and prevent her from escaping again.

Williams used some crafting paper he had brought to make paper birds and dragons. He says he was taught by his grandparents how to do so in his home town of Karshio. When Minty woke up, still tired, she was surprised when she saw that she was buried in paper animals.

A cute squeal could be heard from her tent.


Penchens thought he saw some more fish in the stream. Could there really be some?

All supplies are accounted for, with the exception of the things Minty used while we were sleeping.

Apparently sleep spells make you really hungry and thirsty after you wake up, despite any earlier meals.

I regret not paying attention in magic theory class. Even if only a little bit. Maybe if I had, we would have a better way to pacify Minty.

Minty demanded that I cook the day's meals.


Oh well.

Nemthini 18, 396 RUTH
We have split into four groups and intend on traveling a quarter up the mountain before meeting back at camp. The goal is to find out more about the curses and traps that lie here after the century's war. Each group has a mage specializing in magic detection.

My groups consists of Doctor Brenit, Minty, Clarine, Tasik, and Williams.

We are to climb the east side of the mountain. Limited supplies are taken.


The weather is nice today.

Supplies are accounted for. No more surplus.

Nemthini 19, 396 RUTH
Minty is carelessly hopping around playfully as we head up. I can't help but feel disappointed with her childish behavior; she is sixteen years old. I forgot why we brought her along.

Regardless, Williams managed to deal with the issue by giving her a pink oregamy(?) cat. I must admit, I envy his adeptness at making cute paper animals.

So far, we have yet to encounter any difficulties.

Minty wanted me to cook again. I pleaded otherwise.

Everyone decided to not spare me mercy.

Limited provisions are accounted for.

Nemthini 20, 396 RUTH
It's been a about a whole week since reaching the mountain, give or take a few hours. Progress is slow.

The number of hexes and traps appall me. We've counted forty-seven so far. After returning to camp, we learned that some groups encountered seventy-nine. Each group has at least one injured. There are no dead yet.

I have a deep gash in my right arm.


I'm glad I don't have to cook this time.

All supplies are accounted for, with the exception of some foraged nuts. We suspect someone had a midnight snack.

Nemthini 21, 396 RUTH
Minty is acting odd. We all agree on this.

She smiles too much and doesn't complain anymore. Rather, she seems more friendly than reasonable with everyone. Almost as if she's drunk.

I think it's the vines; it must be why she's giddy and jovial.

After much navigational difficulty while we returned to the spot Minty was at, we found that there were no more vines there. Although upon closer inspection, we noticed small holes in the ground.

Back at camp, we reinforced the ground with magic so that no vines would come. Although, considering that we were fine earlier before knowing about this, the vines most likely defend from a certain range.


Supplies are accounted for.

Williams is to cook this time.

Minty is being observed by anyone with medical knowledge. We can't let her die.

Nemthini 22, 396 RUTH
As I write this, all I hear is incessant screaming. Minty went into a fit and started attacking anything and anyone without any warnings. We will use another sleep spell on her. Thankfully, no one was injured.


The corpses of many paper animals litter her tent.

All supplies are accounted for.

Doctor Brenit will try cooking for the first time in his life. I have graciously offered to help him, much to his gratitude.

Nemthini 23, 396 RUTH
We've wasted so much time here dealing with Minty. Everyone agrees that we should send her back with five people as escort. The stealth oriented of our people have taken those spots, as it would be troublesome if Minty were kidnapped on the way back.

Before she left, she seemed sad. Particularly about the pink paper cat.


With her gone, we convened to discuss the most optimal route to the top of the mountain. It was decided that the west side was best. We set out tomorrow.

Nothing amiss. Apart from my healed arm.

Healing magic is disgusting to observe.

Worse is having to cook today's meals as that image of growing flesh plagues me.

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