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Do y'all just have music in your head and dance to it? I was in my room doing something and just started dancing, I had a song in my head. My mom walked by and started talking to me. I was talking with her but still dancing. She asked me what I was listening to (I had headphones in). I told her nothing. She looked at me kinda weird but don't everyone do that? Like everyone gets a song in their head and sometimes you just dance to it. So yeah I was jamming and having a good time. I hope everyone's day was alright.

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    1. Dat_Karma Nov 26, 2020
      I do have music in my head but I make facial expressions instead of dancing, depending on the music I'm listening to.
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    2. melomarl Nov 26, 2020
      I do that >.> It's weird but it's therapeutic
    3. OnceandFutureLurker Nov 26, 2020
      Of course. on a different note do you wish me to post a link to an ear worm sometime later today
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    4. Lurking Nov 26, 2020
      my inner brain doesnt really have audio unless im super focused, hard to jam without actually having tuned playing.
    5. The Stalker Nov 26, 2020
      "Lemon tree" for me usually but yeah i get ya~