My Brother Saw Something



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I was in bed going to sleep, it was somewhere between 11 to 12 at night. I just hear my brother slamming on the wall and thumping upstairs as he screams "hey! Hey! Aliens! ALIENS!"

Apparently, a large black triangular flying ship of some sort was in the air only a couple hundred feet. And yet, my mother, who was with him, said she never heard a thing. It also moved away too quickly to not make a single sound.

So yeah

I of course was not adequately dressed to go outside so I missed seeing whatever it was.

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    1. Loni4ever May 3, 2020
      Well, it's not like it can be disproved so who knows ... btw even if it was a first hand story, hallucinating is still a thing xD
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    2. Blitz May 3, 2020
      I mean drone
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    3. Blitz May 3, 2020
      Its some ones fancy new UAV
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    4. Evil_Ginger May 2, 2020
      Something that covered the sky? A couple hundred feet high? A rock? A drone? I would say it is strange and that perhaps it is something new, considering I live close to Lockheed Martin, but there wasn't anything like what he and my mom described being built there. But hey. This is just a second hand story.
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    5. AliceShiki May 2, 2020
      ... Wasn't that just someone throwing a rock or something? It might look black because it's dark and you can't see properly.
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    6. Femme Fatale May 2, 2020
      Could be a drone. XD
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    7. Nefasdetestasti May 2, 2020
      Your brother is on meth.
    8. Evil_Ginger May 2, 2020
      She could see it. It wasn't like it was going into warp drive. It was just silent. It couldn't be heard.