My childhood journal transcription (no edits to spelling) part 1



「Patchouli」「百年夜行」「DT」, Male
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On the cover of the journal, the following text is written by the manufacturer:

The inside cover refutes this in box letters:
"this is a
Not a Diary!"

A piece of paper titled "How to Make a toothpick dart" dated December 21st 2009, is lodged in the plastic of the inside cover. It details with several diagrams how one would go about making a toothpick dart.

From now on is a direct transcript of the remaining journal. Names and places have been redacted for my own privacy.

Dec. 28th, 2006
for Christmas We got a rock pallishir. We wher goeing to open it next year but I dug in the box with my finger we found 2 spunjis and cans of the stuf.

We went to litll seasers and bot sum peetsu we went to the parck and chucd the crust at the seegls.

Dec. 30th, 2006
We went to L******* and we went to Litll Seasrs and ate petsa and went golfing. We had pop corn and went to E B gams and plade Loogy. DATE.

Dec. 31st 2006
We have bean plaing tumbling monkeys. Date.

June 2nd 2007
toDay I went to the father sun camp. we went cunooing with my Dad and *****. yesterDay was my Birth-Day. I got a Soinog Boinog, pokemon cards, a dragon blayd and other stuf.

Below this entry is a drawing of a stick figure presumably riding a Zoingo Boingo Pogo toy. There is also a scribble with "Dragon Blade" written under it.

July 26 2007
yesterday I got stung dyabee.

Nov. 3 2007
today I am kleening my room my room mite be finisht today. my brother mite bee geting his wall tayken down and wen it doas ***** gets to sleep in my room. the king kame to my tomigochy ant gav him a pare

Nov. 4th 2007
today I went to the batheroom and saw snow outside I towld my mom and dad wen I was howr I went out side and liley klind up my sert. DATE:

Nov. 6th 2007
I thot I was a blade of grass but my dad seid I was not.

I read the pokemon book.

It seems I learned cursive at this point, as all further entries are done in cursive.

Jan. 27th, 2008
I got wates on my cub car. Mrs. Hay said it's her B-day, I asked how old she is, I gest 28 because she looked 28, I was right. K**** came to cubs even thow he is in second ward.

Jan, 28th, 2009
There was no school today.
I wached a show that had a guy that was an inventor who invented a death macheen.

Date: Dec. 11 2009
Right Now I'm stuck in my room supposed to be cleaning my room but I'm righting in my journal. its a cold winter right now and its warming up. I want to Check may E-mail but I can't because I half to clean my room. theirs tuns of garbag on one side of my bed.

Between the lines is a small darwing of a stick figure sifting on a bed covered in junk.

I'd better finish off writing soon because I hear mom coming.

End of part 1.


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