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I'm, not a good cook. I wouldn't say I'm a cook at all. I would call myself an amateur who likes food. I was raised on homecooked meals. I have good memories of crockpot soup and baked chicken. I had amazing food when I was a kid and I never really had to cook. Thus, when it can time for me to make my food it turned into a microwave made and oven heated meals. I wouldn't say I don't know how to cook for my self. I know a bit, like how to cook rice, meat, eggs, noodles(and more than ramen noodles), and more. I won't starve if I only have raw ingredients. In fact, I baked sometimes, mostly when I was bored. I'm also not very good at it but I would say I liked lots of the things I baked. However, I didn't put those cooking skills to much use. I would be too lazy, not enough time, or not confident enough. After going over to friends houses to make a meal together or eating homemade meals with friends and family. I tasted the wonders of food again. Of course, I've had food while going out but its different when it's in a home. So I started looking up cooking with the food I have and food I can cook. It started small and I'm doing a little better because now I have a spice I know I like on meat decides salt and pepper. Sometimes the food I make is bland or a little burnt (and a lot burnt) but sometimes I can confidently say I like it. Sometimes I feel bad for the ingredients because I created a monstrosity. Sometimes I find new comfort food. I found that cooking my own food is a good experience. Sometimes I still eat premade food but finding the time to make food is relaxing and accomplishing. If you only eat premade foods maybe try to find cook something even if it's just an egg. I'm still really new at cooking but I'm trying.

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