My Drawing Skills got lost!



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So the news is, I f*ckin lost my drawing skills. Maybe because of my laziness but the hell! I just rest for a month and now I can't even draw a proper face?! So I'm very disappointed on my hand which accompanied me even on bed(LOL) so anyways I can't happened to draw a damned person yet I can clearly picture it on my head! When I'm still active, I lack imagination but rn I lack both!
So here's the trash thing! This was the fruit of my lazinessssss..... PhotoGrid_1515149407954.png

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    1. Unsleepyknight Jan 6, 2018
      I need to awaken the inner artist in me... sadly it goes into hibernation mode, and btw the bow stringvwas ynder her arm
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    2. Vyren Jan 5, 2018
      Not that it probably matters but why is the bow string above her hand? How would she be able to draw when she needs to shoot when it’s like that? Unless it’s an arm bow but it doesn’t look attached. Tbh, this bothers me way more than any criticisms you might have about it :blobunsure:

      Oh and if it’s not the case then I just want to say that it’s really hard to tell otherwise since there’s no difference in shading...
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