My fantasy webnovel was now publised!(>^ω^



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So guys I have the free time I need so I started posting the stuffs I'm saving,the bad news was there will be no illustrations until I buy a new graphical tab(*.*),yeah its ruined so I CAN'T provide digital arts until I buy a new one.I will try to upload traditional styles monthly and update it as soon as possible,so I hope you guys can will not get mad at me... I already posted the story on rrl tho they still didn't approved it so I will update it as soon as I have the approval.
Links here guys
My Webpage
Community Fiction's Version
I hope you can visit the main site and spare your time by giving reviews about it but now currently it still lacks sophistication so just viewing it was alright.You can read at the main website by clicking the menu>LOV:EME.
Hope you like it guys.

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    1. readerz Dec 13, 2017
      What do you mean graphical tab? Just put in the images, you don't need to buy anything.
    2. Unsleepyknight Dec 11, 2017
      I'm sorry, as I'm still a newbi.. no I mean beyond human thrash, I can't think of any good format to post it so I just put what the wordpress supports. Also as there will be a harem, relax guys〜(^∇^〜) this will not be centering about romance(but there will be on the near future). I just put them as the wifu candidate, but later on as the plot unfolds, I'm sure guys that you will be surprised on what path the MC will take. Sorry if I can't reply btw, cause of the timezone difference I struggle on keeping myself awake. Hope you understand me guys〜(^∇^〜)(>^ω^<)
    3. BB_Tensei Dec 11, 2017
      Awesome, but what's up with that left-hand div taking up 50% of the page width? Simulating a book?
    4. m7vpc Dec 10, 2017
      Will there be a harem?

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