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My friend is a fucking degenerate..
He got someone pregnant and left it in our house and now he's posting on FB about how he's so heartbroken on his exGF..

He's so fucking stupid and opportunist..
I hate him now..

Btw, I commented "Idiot" on his post about how he misses the girl.

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    1. Zone Q11 Jul 23, 2019
      ...if I may ask, how did this story end? ...or is it still ongoing?
      If you are uncomfortable talking about it, then you don't have to talk about it.
    2. Nefasdetestasti Apr 30, 2017
    3. Nefasdetestasti Apr 28, 2017
      Sorry, I didn't notice about the "love".. autocorrect got shit
      Also, @heartantares thanks for reminding and making it clear to everybody.
      I'm not really good at turning it into a long sentence, even more when I'm on phone.
    4. Zone Q11 Apr 28, 2017
      ...thanks to @heartantares' explanation, the situation sounds more clear to me, but that would mean that the situation is even more dire than I had thought...
    5. MangoGuy Apr 28, 2017
      damn..that is bad. Get that friend back to your house and make him face his own sh*t!!
    6. Nefasdetestasti Apr 28, 2017
      The one which he currently left in our house is his (secret)Girlfriend who he made pregnant.
      Well, the other one..
      They didn't do a proper break up.. the girl left my friend and never talk each other again..

      He brought the girl in our house, asked my mother of he could let her live with us cuz the girl was not welcome in her family anymore..

      Also, we've been friends for 5 yrs..
      And hes familiar with my family already.. he was never like this when we were still highschool.. not until he got crazy about this love and shitz.
    7. Pyoo Apr 28, 2017
      "and left it in our house" did he just drop off a pregnant ex gf????
    8. PKitty Apr 27, 2017
      The heck