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Waiting list [Novel pickup request]

Picked up:
1. [No CP] Quickly wear and call it mother 【无CP】快穿之叫妈妈
Ch1 - Ch21[Arc2Ch1] - Ch41[Arc3Ch1]

5. Grandma Transmigrated As A Cannon Fodder (Quick Transmigration) 穿成炮灰配角的奶奶(快穿)

7. Good Mother System [Quick Wear] 好妈妈系统[快穿] 作 者:三花夕拾

Hasn't been picked up

2.【No CP】Perfect Accompanying Training [Quick Wear] 【无CP】完美陪训 [快穿]
Arc 1 complete [Ch1 - Ch13]

3. Being a Mom Again [Quick Wear] 重新当妈[快穿]


4. [No CP] I am a nanny in Three Thousand World [Quick Wear] 【无CP】我在三千世界当保姆[快穿]

Prologue [Ch1] + Arc 1 [Ch2-4]

6. Mom is my constellation 엄마는 내 성좌

8. Good Mother System (Quickly wear) 好妈妈系统(快穿) 作 者:易楠苏伊

9. There are bear kids in Quick Pass 快穿之家有熊孩子

10. Quick transmigration: My child no way 快穿:吾儿莫方

11. Villain Mommy's Parenting Guide [Quick Wear] 反派妈咪育儿指南[快穿]

12. Cannon fodder's mother guide to raising cubs [Quick go through] 炮灰他妈养崽指南[快穿]

13. The koi mother dressed as a villain [Quickly wear] 穿成反派的锦鲤亲妈[快穿]

14. The child's father, do you choose to die violently or do it well 孩子他爹,你选择暴毙还是从良[快穿]

15. Motherly Heart [Comprehensive] 慈母之心[综]

16. [Summary] Mother's Responsibility [综]母亲的责任

Name: [No CP] Quickly wear and call it mother 【无CP】快穿之叫妈妈

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Ch1 - Ch21[Arc2Ch1] - Ch41[Arc3Ch1]


After Li Su's husband 'divorced' her because of infertility, she accidentally got a system and traveled through world after world, fulfilling her wish of being a mother. It's just that the children arranged for her by the system are weird? [Note: All the children are villains and cannon fodder in making]

But it doesn't matter, because "I'm your mother. I will try my best to teach you all to be good young people! "
Name: 【No CP】Perfect Accompanying Training [Quick Wear] 【无CP】完美陪训 [快穿]
Raw Link:
Arc 1 complete [Ch1 - Ch13]
Li Tong's new job
Three Accompanying: Accompany [Being your partner], accompany [you to] school, accompany you to grow up [grow up with you]
Four training: teach you to be independent, teach you to be strong, teach you to be worldly, teach you to be invulnerable
My goal is perfect training, please find out.
All endings are new beginnings.
Name: Being a Mom Again [Quick Wear] 重新当妈[快穿]

Raw Link:


Fang Ling, who has been solo mother [It means she's been a single] for more than 30 years, was misled by an intern and was forced to report to the underworld in advance. In order to reincarnate as soon as possible, she had to join the ranks of taskers and travel through parallel worlds to be a mother.
Bind a waste fuel system that has nothing to do with Golden Fingers~
After a long journey of being a mother, Fang Ling had to bite the bullet by herself~
1. Rural widows (completed)
2. There are people in the depths of the mountain (completed)
3. There is a good card (completed)
4. The old house is on fire (completed)
5. Soft meals and hard meals (completed)
6. Sleeping Beauty (completed)
7. Love brain (completed)
8. Promising (completed)
9. Raising children to prevent the elderly (completed)
10. Protection from wind and rain (completed)
Name: [No CP] I am a nanny in Three Thousand World [Quick Wear] 【无CP】我在三千世界当保姆[快穿]
Raw Link:

Prologue [Ch1] + Arc 1 [Ch2-4]


In order to make her spiritual world fuller (to make money), Yi Xin had to go to the small world to take care of some people.
Prevent him/her from being shocked [Scared], prevent him/her from suffering, prevent him/her from drifting away, and prevent him/her from having nothing to rely on.
Summary: Tang Lihua duckweed has experienced all kinds of situations in his life, and step by step to the peak of the business world by herself, zhe is respected as "Lafayette" when she is old.

After she died, she donated hundreds of millions of fortunes, and once again opened her eyes, she was bound by the system. As long as she accumulates full energy, it can help her go back in time and make up for the regrets she had before.

Since then, Tang Lihua has gone through various small worlds and has become a grandma with cannon fodder and supporting roles.

And no one who has heard of the name of Tanglihua knows that the Lafayette is the shortest guardian.

World line:
World 1: The little old lady who abandoned the peasant girl (completed)
World 2: Cannon fodder daughter is a granddaughter is a noble concubine (completed)
World 3: Honest grandson is regarded as a catcher (completed)
World 4: Phoenix The male three generations return to the clan (completed)
World 5: Zombie King VS Zombie King (completed)
World 6: Unfilial grandson (completed)
World 7: True and false daughter (completed)
World 8: Small cannon fodder in the entertainment circle (construction) Middle)
Tang Lihua: There is nothing that cannot be solved in the face of absolute strength (smile).
Good Mother System [Quick Wear] 好妈妈系统[快穿]

Author: Sanhua Xishi 作 者:三花夕拾
NU Link:

Why do unmarried women suddenly have children all over the world? Go into the main text and watch Shan Jingqiu's life world plan to travel around the world: 1. A slaughter mother who sells her daughter (Over) 2. The days when she becomes a shrew (over) 3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hard mode! (Over) 4. Five million daughter-in-laws! (Over) 5. The white swan and the ugly duckling (over) 6. The white lotus princess (over) 7. Daughter, she is back (over) 8. The phoenix man flies out of the nest (o...
Good Mother System (Quickly wear) 好妈妈系统(快穿)

Author: Yi Nan Suyi 作 者:易楠苏伊

Single dog Jiang Shuhan binds the mother's high-energy system and wears it to every world to be a mother.

Shuangwen! Absolutely cool!

Tentative World: 1. Take the whole family to escape from famine (completed) 2. Dress as a Shuangwen heroine's mother (completed) 3. Dramatic anti-routine abuse heroine (completed) 4. Wear into a sweet pet article The wicked mother-in-law of the heroine (completed) 5. After her daughter is worn (ongoing) 6. Become a masse in a conspiracy drama.

Other worlds to be supplemented by reading guides: 1. Some worlds have emotional dramas, some worlds do not ...
There are bear kids in Quick Pass 快穿之家有熊孩子

Author: Yanyun yesterday 作 者:昨日烟云

An accidental car accident caused An Ning to lose her right to be a mother. Faced with her cheating husband, she dragged him to obtain a divorce certificate. She died on the way back from a trip abroad. Because of a blessing in disguise, I bound the modified bear child system, and started my own journey of upgrading and playing children.

Dear host "Bear child at home" system is for you. You deserve all kinds of bear children!

An Ning: "Get out!" 1. There is a mom at home 2. There is a star dog at home...
My child no way 快穿:吾儿莫方

In those stories of being transmigrated and reborn one after one, there are always one or two unlucky children...

Please take out your notebook and remember the important points!
1. The heroine is not yours! The female partner is not yours either! Only the old lady is yours!
2. The hero is not yours! The male partner is not yours! Only the old lady is yours!
3. Can't fight, can't grab, wash for nothing, sleep and get enough, only the old lady is best for you! This article is ambiguous and ambiguous, no CP
Villain Mommy's Parenting Guide [Quick Wear] 反派妈咪育儿指南[快穿]

Cong Xia wears the apex favorite of the villain every time, and will be treated as a little bit by the villain. ???? Cong Xia: So, am I helping to abuse or do I help the abuse? ???? The PS villain is not necessarily the male protagonist, but may also be the brother/parents/grandma/sister
12. [The sword spirit likes her master, the master is ignorant to the end (ALthough likes the girl but kind of considers himself as her father?). So its half a CP]
Cannon fodder's mother guide to raising cubs [Quick go through] 炮灰他妈养崽指南[快穿]

There are always innocent people in this world who become the background or stepping stones in other people's stories.
The vicious son of the good family, the stupid son of the widow, the fiancé of the reborn daughter, the aunt of the male protagonist Koi, the delicate daughter of Bai Yueguang...
Xu Jianwei accepted the mother's commission as a sword to protect the calf to protect the cannon fodder. , Raise them well, whoever picks up
The evil son of the good man [Completed]
The silly son of the widow [Completed]
The fiancé of the reborn daughter [Completed]
The male protagonist’s Koi aunt [Completed]
The delicate white moonlight Daughter [Completed]
The son of a drug undercover agent [Completed]
The daughter of a maid who climbs the bed [Completed]
The illegitimate son of Xiaosanjia [Completed]-Failure unit, do not like to jump, do not wash
Bai Xiaosan’s true and false daughter [Completed]
The betrayed little demon girl [Completed]
In order not to divorce the child [Completed]
The wife of the heroine Bai Yueguang [Completed]
The green hat of the honest man [Completed]
The eldest princess who was deceived into marriage [Completed]
Flat head Sister’s flat-headed brother [Serialization] T
he eldest daughter of the rebirth [Unfinished]
Reading guide: This article is slow and fast to wear, very slow, very slow, very slow...
Content tag: Fast-passing urban strange news
Search keyword: protagonist : A brief comment on Xu Jianwei’s works Xu Jianwei,

as a sword spirit, accepts the mother's commission of the small world cannon fodder to go to the small world to raise other people’s cannon fodder, and change the fate of those cannon fodder children time and time again and prevent them from becoming A stepping stone to ensure that no one can hurt her children.

This article is composed of multiple short stories, the plot is separated from most of the love and love, and the story is told from the perspective of the parents, and the angle is unique and unique. The plot is popular, but the author’s point of view is sharp, unconventional, fresh and refined, and it is recommended to read.
13. With CP
The koi mother dressed as a villain [Quickly wear] 穿成反派的锦鲤亲妈[快穿]

Li Xia, who was in the late stage of poor cancer, was reborn and found herself a koi chosen by the money system. The main task of the system travels to various worlds to become the villain’s richest mother, to reinforce the villain’s three views, and to prevent his son from being blackened. System side task: The system provides unlimited funds, spends money on face, and reverses life! [Giant World] I don’t want to leave my mother as the villain’s son. Li Xia’s mother will always be by your side. The rich second generation. My lady has no fertility, five million. Give me my son. Li Xia? Can I buy you a clean one ten times? [Entertainment World] The villain's son and mother,
14. [With CP, 1v1] -> Not my cup of tea, just for refrence
The child's father, do you choose to die violently or do it well 孩子他爹,你选择暴毙还是从良[快穿]

During a drunkenness, Jiang Qing didn't know whose sex was messed up, and she made a little bun, and at the same time she was bound to a "mother" system.
The system says: In order for the little bun to be born smoothly, you have to practice and test you as a mother, and the children you teach must be upright and kind.
So Jiang Qing began a journey through.
In every world, she must be a mother who takes her child to beg for life alone. This is very good. This allows her to have enough time to teach her children, but the good times are not long, and soon there will be people who do not have long eyes rushing to tell her, Said that the child's father is a great villain, and this child must be trained to inherit his father's great villain volunteers!
Jiang Qing: ...
She raised the machete in anger: Get out! I want my son to be upright and kind!
Jiang Qing was too annoyed, and finally came up with a good way to never suffer from future troubles - Jiang Qing: His father, do you choose to die violently or behave?
Villain: ...choose you.
Read the guide: 1. Easy and happy to pet text, wear slowly, 1vs1, HE, sweet text. 2. Casually optimistic female protagonist vs. finely divided male protagonist. The male protagonist is the same person from beginning to end. It is the one in the real world who has messed up with the female protagonist, and will eventually return to the real world.
15. Picked up
Name: [No CP] The Taoist sister of cannon fodder [Crossing Books] 【无CP】炮灰的道系妹妹[穿书]
Raw Link:
NU link:



Being bound by the system, the character is always the sister of cannon fodder.
Dao Xi was panicked on the surface, but his heart was as stable as an old dog.
Well, the problem is not too big, we can actually take it slowly...

1. Received a salted fish brother [The salted fish brother who doesn't make progress and just wants to enjoy his life?]
2. Received a lemon essence brother [The selfish lemon elder brother?]
3. Received a brother licking dog. [The dusty brother of the faithful dog [A proper brainless lover]]
4. Received a dead fat house brother.
5. Received a sand sculpture brother.
6. Received a twenty-five brother.
7. Received a scumbag male brother.
8. Received a crying bag brother.

Read the guide
①Walk slowly, the system only appears at the beginning and the end
②The protagonist starts the game at full level, Su Shuang hits the face
③If you don't love and break up peacefully, don't tell me if you give up the article.
④Shuangwen without brain and logic, the logical party retreats.

Mother-in-law (sub-genre)

1. Quick transmigration I'm your mother-in-law 快穿之我是你婆婆
2. Early warning of front show operation [quick pass] 前方骚操作预警[快穿]

Stepmother (Sub-genre)
1. It's useless to call mom 快穿之叫妈也没用
Raw link:

Wang Qingqing was selected by the [Save Stepmother System] because of the heart of a straight steel girl.
Wang Qingqing looks down upon the system and there is still a stepmother who needs to be saved? All are synonymous with villains, okay!
Entering the first world, Wang Qingqing was angry that this man was too scumbag!
Entering the second world, Wang Qingqing was angry that this bastard should slap him in the face! Entering the third world, when Wang Qingqing shoots the crime, this dog B stuff should be destroyed humanely!
With her face swollen by the system, Wang Qingqing ran to the small world to save the poor stepmother. The first world: How to make a gold nanny [MC doesn't have a child of her own, the original host was infertile (the cause of her first divorce which resulted to her marriage to the scumbag)] -> The stepchild doesn't truly regret calling mom is only in hope of using MC's connections
2nd world: The growth path of outstanding teachers [MC has a cute daughter with her mentally sick husband] -> Calling mom is a half-truth
3rd world: The bitter Chinese cabbage in chronology [MC doesn't have a child of her own, The host's husband was a disabled blind man older than her father, it's kind of even possible that they never have a physical relationship] -> Calling mom is a all false
4th world: Marry a carver of love [MC doesn't have a child of her own, well she's been married only for a year] -> In this arc, the stepdaughter truly regrets when she calls MC mon but well it's too late
5th world: Queen mother being drunk [MC doesn't have a child of her own (The emperor and original Queen are close relatives and because of this queen had multiple abortions)] -> technically all the concubine's children must call her imperial mother [The 7th mother's concubine mother was such a ruthless woman)
6th world: Bai Yueguang? Rotten rice grains! [MC doesn't have a child of her own]
7th world: The wicked mother-in-law [MC has a sick son who will later surprise her by being a homo]
8th world: Sister-in-law married to brother-in-law [MC is pregnant]
9th world: Cheap labor
10th world: Become a female artist again
11th world: Stay away from the love brain
12th world: I'm not a good mother