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Sooo, someone brought me a sketchbook that I set my eyes on~ I love it!, I just did a few sketches on ittttttt, it's thicc(200 pages!) I very much love it:blobuwu::blobmelt:

So I normally decorate my sketchbook covers with stickers, but that is yet to be delivered! So welcome, welcome~<3

...I really hate the first pages of sketchbooks, so since I made a mess on that one, I'll just skip that >.> Let's go on 2nd page!
Some eyes, cause they are very easy to draw and is vv pretty~ some anatomy of men and women because I like anatomy :'D (I'll bet that maybe half of this sketchbook will mainly contain anatomy sketches XD)

I found the reference on Pinterest, and I thought she really have a great facial expression! So I drew her~ someone said that she looks like Marilyn Monroe, is it true?:hmm:

been a while since I made a sketch like this~ I was listening to 'Achilles Come down' by Gang of Youths and that sentence I quoted was the lyrics I heard right after I finished this sketch! So I wrote it downblobmelt_thumbs well it kinda suit the atmosphere of my sketch no? Hehe:blobcatblush2:

Well that's all~ if I drew more I'll share it here~ I wonder what to sketch next? Do you have any recommendations? Or idea? If yes, feel free to comment it downnnn, I'm not really good with ideas XD, I just draw and that's it dhdhsjkd, would be really nice if the drawings have meanings though:blobsneeze:

Thank you for reading this :blobnom: I shall share more in the future:blobbunny:

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    1. Muskanoo Oct 19, 2021
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    2. Bobasis Oct 19, 2021
      Beautiful <3
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    3. Alexcia Oct 19, 2021
      Yes!! I believe in you!!!!! You'll be rich once you take the path of the artist! Believe in urself! I'll be ur fan too! Go for it!!!
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    4. UsefulAlive24 Oct 19, 2021
      @Alexcia *wishes I'm also rich*
      It's true QAQ, art materials are expensive af, especially the quality ones:blobsneeze:, watercolor, Gouche, Pencils, Color Pencils, Papers, Sketchbook, Canvases, Brushes, drawing tablet- and more, My art materials itself is a fortune, ...but look at this poor owner:blob_teary: my money!!:blobdead: that's why I try my best to not waste although that always fails...:blobconfounded:

      It's fine~ XD, im flattered enough, I strive to always improveee, my goals when it comes to art is still not achieved, you shall see my process of improvement real time!
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    5. Alexcia Oct 19, 2021
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    6. Mr. Tired Oct 19, 2021
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    7. Alexcia Oct 19, 2021
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    8. UsefulAlive24 Oct 19, 2021
      @Catboy Ollie
      I'll consider it XD!

      And yup, it's really difficult to shade especially without a reference, andd this is also why studying anotomy helpsss, if you know what kind of muscle is that, you can pretty much just shade it since you know the floww, it's kinda easy if you already figured out the light source, but overall, it's still hard QAQ, reference is my religion :blobcatblush2:
      Reference helps you, reference is nice and great, hail reference!:blobbunny: