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I’m so tired of hearing your opinion about how I should live my life based on my sex. I can’t believe you told me that I can’t be equal to man because I’m a women. How could you just belittle me to my face? I’m so tired of this. I have so hear this every week and sometimes everyday? I agree with some points, like I’m not worth more then a man... but I’m sure as hell not worth less then a man. It’s because you say things like this I have a hard time not shutting you out. I’m trying so hard to listen but I can’t when you say this. I’ve told you this. I’ve told you that I disagree. I’ve told you I don’t want to hear your opinion on this. But you don’t listen. I don’t tell you how much it hurt to hear you say “You aren’t equal to a man and if you think that you are evil”. It makes me want to curse you out, flip you off, and walk out. I can tell you I strongly disagree with you but that’s it. After the conversation I feel pathetic for not standing up for myself more. But what am I supposed to do? Loss my cool and do all the things I want to do? Get angry, yell, and slam thing? I don’t want to be affected by these word you say but since I am affected all I can do is control how I act. I don’t want to get angry and say something stupid, mean, and hurtful simply because my feelings are hurt. I’ve already told you my thought and yet you don’t stop. You push it off and say “I’m too inexperienced to think correctly”. Let’s stop for a moment and say that was true(I know crazy) that is something I will have to figure out on my own. It’s true that I am inexperienced in somethings but not this. It’s not a phase, it me finally getting tired of your asinine opinion being shoved down my throat. You have done so much for me and I am very grateful. But I’m not going to change something like my beliefs on my worth as a person because you tell me too. Okay rant complete! I might regret posting this and delete it later but for now here is a venting of my thoughts. I know this is negative and I don’t like posting negative things but I really feel the need to vent.

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    1. Silver Snake Nov 16, 2019
      He might be saying such things because he assumes you will eventually be faced with such a situation in the future and is trying to prepare you for it. Or he might actually believe it. The, "doing so much for you, " seems counter intuitive to the intentional belittling of the value of your existence. Of course I cannot say for certain as I am no - orrrr, if it's a women who's saying this to you then it may be that she truly does believe it, and if it's an older women then there is likely no way you could convince her otherwise. Hm.
    2. Kuro_0ni Nov 14, 2019
      There is nothing negative here. Just vent, its all good. Keep your head up, and live the life that's true to yourself as best as you can.
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    3. hmod Nov 13, 2019
      kill the bitch fuck yeah !
    4. 25th bamm Nov 13, 2019
      haha yeah, I was fuming when I wrote this. :blobsweat_2:
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    5. TouchMeLikeASpaceBar Nov 13, 2019