Not Fated (Poems)



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Silence enveloped us
And no trace of smiles,
could be found on your lips
And I just knew
That I might get my heart broken soon

Your eyes were crystal clear
But they brought a storm to my heart
Ah, who would've thought it would end that fast?

You started to talk
And I could feel my feet trembled
Wishing I could run as fast as I could
Running away from you

Then I remembered the night
Where you told me about your life
Your sister as she had to marry someone else

No news is good news indeed
You kept apologizing to me
Reddish eyes and trembling lips
The heavy scent of cigarettes

Is this what people call not fated together?

Refusing to let my tears roll
Scrambling to tidy my bag
Trying to stand up
Your apologies only tore another scar

You kept saying words
Yet I couldn't decipher what you said
Then you left me first
Leaving me in the sea of strangers
Then I couldn't help myself
Breaking down to pieces

I heard you marry that girl
Which your parents adored
Isn't it ironic?
About how your parents,
successfully divided two of their children from their lovers?

And I know I sound so bitter
But I really can't help it
And I may sound insincere
But I hope that you'll always be happy

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