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Tree of Aeons- my first webnovel that got me into webnovels, will always have a special place in my heart. It has world building, re: monster/tree, and so much more

Thiefs dungeon- clever as shit reborn dungeon who doesnt know who its past self was, though sus for a human, has a taste for beautiful things. It has a unique tension that makes it morbid and at the same time tragic. An art of a story that was ended midway through a plot, complete my ass.

Abyssal Dungeon- another amazing dungeon story, this ones about a dungeon underwater. Instead of humans, the bad guys are fairies

Snake Report- The reviews mislead me, the snake in all its glory was amazing to read, and the insanity.. god, nothing was more interesting to read insanity done right, in fact there were times where I suspected the author was making the reader go insane, in a good way

Bloom- tree op af, has snake report vibes, it goes from wtf style to holy shit, holllly shit. well tldr, lil tree looking harmless becomes full on badass god eater world eater and most wanted in the multiverse.

Calamity of a reborn witch- romance slow burn, magic, church, politics. understatement to say its good.

Parasite king- system apocalypse, man forced to parasite a final boss. try at least the first 20, plot kinda stagnates after that

Dungeon Mage- imagine reverend insanity, but instead of gu, its a dungeon shard system. incomplete series, author hasnt returned in a year so assume its dropped

Dungeon carl crawl- out of all the "aliens telivising our apocalypse" systems and survival stories, this is the best of the genre/troupe

Chrysalis- human re: monster, mc is an ant surviving in an enormous dungeon that spans the underground of a planet and his adventures and legacy that makes his species reach the pinnacle.

Ben's damn adventure - funniest shit ever, cant stop smiling when you read, an apocalypse not taken serious, system with a personification. honestly have no idea about the direction of this story.

Journey of Black and red- female lead who is a badass, never seen before, vampires done right, perfection, instead of classic europe, it takes place in post independence America and follows history of America accurately.

Healer- not your traditional restart tower climber series. might not even be it for you. Its kinda slow paced and focus on how mcs actions lead to a greater indirect consequence throughout the tower after he turns back time

Never die twice- void herald- about a necromancer who will do everything it takes to achieve his goal for immortality

stranger than fiction- interesting story about this dude who gets isekaed to a dungeon and is the last survivor of dead earth. is stuck with this uppity bitchy goddess and his journey to godhood.

Esoteric skeletal dungeon master- funniest shit ive ever read on royal road. my fav work. its basically a satire/parody of a normal isekai troupe

Vaudevillain- honestly reviews on RR speak for themselves. An OK virtual reality superhero villain story

Rise of the Lord- the ch before the drop were really well written. extensive world building, zero to hero protag. author dropped this story

Melas- the rewrite - its about this reincarnated chick whos op ability is the best sorceress in the world, but like..... whats the point if all sorcerers are being hunted down? she faces moral dilemmas, goes on her own adventure, and over all isnt a piece of shit

Burning stars falling skies- humanity extinct, but alien lizards have taken over their knowledge and decided to rise up to avenge them, if u ignore the plotholes its beautiful and deep

Generic Apocalypse- the chapters are long and few.. honestly its an interesting twist to the apocalypse system so far with mc being atypical and his powers being one of a kind.. but yes your run of the mill apocalypse

Fair Princess- with only 20 ch this ranks as the shortest novel i read, and it was a 4 hour binge worthy series. dont let the description fool you, its nothing about slice of life , the whole story is not about getting a wish from the king but rather the aftermath of what happens when she discovers shes a pricness, and its a masterpiece

Yashima chronicles- about a young neurodivergent chick who gets isekaied under unique circumstances, The deadpan way she views the world is super funny and the misunderstandings that pile up. The running joke here is that she thinks everyones op as shit when she is the true op one

The weirkey chronicles- extremly unique. MC is this cynical jaded man who is back for round 2 for revenge and answers. cultivation system is based on soul homes, a unique concepts thats unhead of

Flight of the Last raven- amazing story about a man who was given a second chance at life and climbs his way from an abyss and fights his way through the world in trying to earn his own glory and his second life

Rend- a sociopath female done correctly, the main premise revolves around hero /antiheros in a world of superpowers, eldritch beings, set in modern america

Dungeon of Seasons- another dungeon novel, but omafuk this one is written so well and so creatively, at par with abyssal and thief's

Many lives of Candice lee- what lokeys prank wanted to be. chick goes through multiple interesting lives leveling up and severely impacting the worlds around her

Thief of Time- story about this dude who gets caught up in a blame game where he is the most wanted criminal on the planet for killing some important dude but reallly all he did was steal something worth pennies for the nobles. Also stars some side hoe , romance may or may not be there in the future. takes place in a medieval setting , magic included

Breath of Creation- creator god who creates shit, was one of the best creator stories on royal road, author gave up around ch 70 but in anycase it was starting to get borin

A practical guide to sorcery- a girl who is on the run for a crime she didnt do, ends up transforming into a boy and lands in a magical academy, the story is boring imho

RE:Monarch: its about this boy who has given up the crown, only for his kingdom to be attacked and him being sent back intime with his arch enemy. The first story was a 10. Everything after that goes to shit esp after author has stated he will end up w his bitchy enemy
Like how stupid

Poisoned chalice- Bout this mischevious clever witty chick who becomes a godess thro deception and tricks. Has this mad crush on this war god but realized her naivity can only get her so far
her main purpose is to take revenge on the ppl responsible for her ppls massacre. The story has many mysteries and romance

Magnus: its aight, i just had to deal with severe anger issues as the plot was ruined by the bimbo angel. and since the author refused to react to my provocations i just decided to accept my fate and drop the story. But its a generic well written B rated movie that incorportates old ideas of aliens , kidnapping, cyborgs, genetic mutations, videogame esque like ideas into a new fresh story. I give this a 4/10

Beware of Chicken- wholesome af wuxia. total fucking satire on the genre btw. there is romance but its wholesome in a weird way. 9/10

Queensmen 9/10
It has everything. From political intrigue to romace. Aboyt this queen who ran away when her kingdom gets taken over by the knew emperor only to be dragged back into a competition to become the empress by fate. She struggles with barely surviving to bold ideas like rebellion.

Lord of undeath 8/10
Lych wakes up and raises hell

Human weaponry
An aliens perspective of both horror and interest of human technology
very interesting to read.

Pith- its another worm type story in short amazing. Better than worm cuz the characters arent fucking irritating

Web of secrets- coming of age story of a new world where most of humanity lives on an island and have divided themselves into ranks gold silver bronze based on the level of cultivation magic. Mc is a girl who is desperare for power, and realizes the world is more than an island

The damned- Its a 10 , dont read if u cant stomach dark themes, anger, chosen of a dark god, cold, and vengeful no rom no harem

Desolada- revenge, time magic. Demons , 10 in my books, no romance no harem. Not exactly a cold protag but someone who is human

Tommen king business- 10 /10 best game of thrones fan fic. No romance no harem, pure schemes
Got done right

Path of the dragon mage- boy is a prince but is raised in an abusive family, he finds fhe need to prove his worth as he cant do magic by trying to hatch a dragon
All goes to hell when his fam disowns him. Story has rune magic adventure, quests , a system and dragons

Dear Spell book- the story is told through a journal writing type mechanism where a mage goes on an adventure along w his spell boom thats soul bound to him. His parents were killed, setting his story off, and he is stuck in a loop for the first arc.

Deal breaker- story bout the first witch, demons and some dumb bitch boy who is wrapped up in this chaotic plot cuz he accidently stole a coin from her


    1. Adrifting Feb 17, 2021
      I agree with pass1478's Epilogue

      Currently the up and coming ones (in my eyes) are

      Returning to no applause only more of the same: Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same | Royal Road
      The black god - The Black God | Royal Road
      The bystander - Just a Bystander | Royal Road
      The simulacrum - The Simulacrum | Royal Road

      I was happy to see Never Die twice by Void herald
      Perfect run is great! - The Perfect Run | Royal Road

      healer is on scribblehub
      A jaded life, is similar

      Transmigrated into a Noble's beaten son | Royal Road
      Finley- The Lost Prince | Royal Road
      Dungeon Robotics | Royal Road
      The Daily Grind | Royal Road
      Dreams Come True | Royal Road
      Carn Online: Second Chances | Royal Road
      Chocolate Obsessed Genius Mage | Royal Road
      Getting hard and new world as well + new world+ migrated to Webnovel
      IndigoSharpe's stuff
      The orphan fox
      The power of formations
      kammi ketu
      Slightly Contradictory
      Sole Survivor
      New World
      Midas touch
      The Immortal Scientist
      The Hero's Supplier

      nostalgic ones include
      A boy's wish- no idea what happened to it?
      Moodylit / mooderino (a good student)
      various dungeon and litrpg's ... (silver mana, strongest skill, getting rich, save point, Kirill Klevanski )
      The kingmaker - Kingmaker | Royal Road
      The hermit's Life - The Defective Hermit | Royal Road
      also no Andur or Whocares? (re;write)
      Trapped: The GM
      Transmigration Retiree

      very old
      Randilidy ghost hound,
      shovel in spades,
      azarinth healer
      Wandering Inn
      large chests
      purple lightning emperor?
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    5. sleib Oct 4, 2020
      This is one of the best on this website ever...for now judging by the first 30 chaps. The author not having more followers is a crime.
      This too is one of the best on this website's complete
      Some older readers might remember this.
      Again, this one is really good.
      If you have not heard of this you just don't read a lot of novels online. The best high fantasy with "system" for me. If you enjoy action and high fantasy this is for you. It has 1200+chaps. Although Fiend dislikes this one, it's obviously still great because my taste in novels is superior :p
      Also, it has been number one of the most popular on RRL for years and earns 6k+ per month on Patreon.

      Newer ones (imho not at the same level as the one above for now):
      I liked it because MC is not psycho and humor is pretty good.
      This is not kingdom building but worldbuilding, not about emperor or king but about godlike being. The concept is interesting for me and the author is improving. It has a lot of chapters.
      New one. Setting is marvel like a superhero world. It's great mystery, action, fantasy, sci-fi. It is new but i love it
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    6. pass1478 Sep 15, 2020
      Never read "Artificial Jelly"? I recommend it, though it's better to stack it since it's still fairly new.

      "Epilogue" is l also a surprisingly deep novel, relative to web novels.

      Super Minion's also pretty nice, superhero and sci-fi setting with a morbidly innocent predator of a protagonist. Oh, he's also named Tofu. Tofu. He likes Tofu burgers.

      I'm not sure if I can include Mother of Learning, since it really isn't a true RRL novel, but if you haven't read it yet, I recommend reading it. It's my personal fave in RRL.

      I'd recommend more, but a lot of those novels I'd recommend are dropped.