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This is a piece of fiction

In this strange world, the concept of house hunting doesn't exist, it seems. Boba, who I mentioned in previous entry, lives in a bathtub, even though she is one of the richest people I know, making millions through selling some sort of miracle water which is supposed to cure all ailments.
I would test it for myself, but its far too expensive for me to afford.
But this isn't a blog about Boba.

As I was saying, the culture of this world is different, and people don't seem to be interested in redecorating their homes.
So you must understand me when I decided to lay across a street and announce that its mine.
Which worked, somehow, people accepted that, street in fact is my home and began to visit me.

I would've preferred if they would've shown a bit shock though. I am living on street and people accepted it. Do I look that pathetic?
What I didn't realised were the dangers of living unprotected.

A few days later, my house was looted by the infamous pirate, Thefie. One of the Blue Sibling that Princess...what's her name again?
Wait wait wait wait.
I remember the first letter to be A.
And she scolded me for getting her name wrong, so it's not Aaja. Was it Ati?
Ati sounds girly enough.
So, yes, one of the Blue Siblings that Princess Ati warned me about.
Scared, I said,
"Little girl, surely you are not here to take my money, right?"
"Uh, I...don't have any."
Thefie then took out a cookie from her pocket and gave it to me.
I thanked her, and was just about to take a bite when she stole it and strided away.

That really left me disappointed.
For past many days I have been training to protect myself, all wasted.
I could've spent that time in cooking...
I later found out that Thefie, is not someone to be trifled with and holds immense power.
But this isn't a story about Thefie.

This is the story of me finding a house.

In order for you to fully understand, I must introduce another character in this story, his name is Togepi.
Togepi is a tiny man with even tinier legs. He has extremely high luck and can win almost all gambles, if he choses to.
If you need cookies to find Thefie, and slaves to find Boba, you need games to find Togepi.
The cute little angelic boy has a sense, a power of locating games.
I didn't knew it at the time, but Togepi belonged to the most esteemed and powerful races of this world, Cutelings. Many other prominent figures such as Thefie and the chairwoman of Leegood Amusement Park belong to this race. Cutelings have the characteristic feature of bieng sugar addicts.
But this isn't a story about Cutelings, this is a story of me house hunting.

So, I was once walking and found Togepi, we exchanged greetings, he invited me to his house, a huge pumpkin looking one. We played together, he shared cakes and cookies and he even played with my Cat and Spider.
Both of them were my friends who I met at street. I haven't named them yet. They lived in my backpack.
I discovered that Spider kept annoyance away, but I was worried this way he won't be able to make friends. He has a scary face that people tend to stay away of.
But this isn't the story of Cat and Spider, this is the story of how I found my new house.
Soon it was evening.

I wanted to stay longer, heck, I wanted to take the little ball of cuteness home. But time was running out, and it would be rude of me to stay any longer.
If someday, I find a better house, with a proper bed, I'll invite Togepi.
But all changed.
At the corner of my eye, I saw something. Hidden behind a box full of toys.
Was a human skeleton.
It was time to say goodbye.
"Where do you think you are going~~?" Asked a scary voice behind me.
"Ah, Togepi. I really need to get home right now."
"You are already home."
I stumbled back, I tried to run, I opened the door and was just out when,

"Annexe." Said he, in the calmest manner possible, as if I had already lost.
[Agentt cannot leave the battle]
I was unable to leave the room, there was an invisible wall stopping me.

"Togepi, listen, I have rights!"
"My rights." He said,
"My rights, my clothes, my cookies, my backpack, my tea, my cakes, my street, my friends,
Everything is mine,
I simply lent it to you.
You are mine too."

I was beginning to tear up, my legs shook and I could no longer stand up.
I was sweating, and was beginning to feel dizzy. I gulped, but my mouth was dry.
My heart was beating so fast, yet I could do nothing as he slowly walked to me, till he was right in front of my face.
"This pumpkin home, our home.
You are now claimed."

And that's the story of how I got a new house for free and unlimited stock of rare candies.

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