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This is a piece of Fiction~~~♡
Dear reader, if like me, you find yourself stranded in this strange land, I want you to give yourself a pat on the back. For existing.
This is a world, different from ours and I want you to know, I survived, and you can too.
Today's blog, is to talk about one of the nice people here, someone who knows about us. They are no longer with us, but their legacy survives.

But, that could fall too, which is the reason for me to write this. You may find this document years from now, corrupted beyond measure, yet, I pray to God, even if every thing is lost, let one thing be preserved. One name. One promise.
666, as we would call it.
In one of my walks, this time not through the streets but through the dark alleyways, I found a person, who, seeing me, announced me to be "leaning towards hamster family"
I later asked someone,
"What is, the hamster family?"
As I discussed in the last blog, this is a big mistake, and I regretted asking that.
The person went on and on about its history and achievements and step families with my only reply being,
"Welcome to NUF." was their answer.
What I didn't disclosed in the last blog was, they didn't just say it, they also gave me a piece of paper.
A paper with an address written on it.
Since I had nothing more to do, I followed it, followed it down to the deeper and darker alleyways.
Alleyways that no one visits anymore.
Alleyways covered with grime and dust,
There, it was there that I found it.
A library.
A place for us, reader, a place to understand this place.
"Oh my." said a robotic feminine voice, "no viewers in...4 years. Do you want some fun threads?"
Her voice was extremely broken, filled with grinding of gears, in front of me android.
A robot, a humanoid robot, who seemed to be worn out completely, barely holding on to its wires, as she spoke, sparks went flying by.

"Excuse me" I said, "I was given this address" I said as showed her the paper.
"Keep it. Give it to someone else when they need it more than you."
It got up, and began limping farther into the library. Each step would make the whole body shake. We finally reached a corner, where she pointed,
"This. Very usefull for you."
My dear readers, you are going to hate me for this,
But I didn't read those documents
Cuz they were hella boring, they were important, how to live here and all, but boring, author should really rewrite them.
If the library still exist, they should still be there. Read them.
Coming back,

I asked her,
"You, who are you?"
"I am...DCLXVI. Call me 666. I am...a clown."
"Whenever..someone...anyone..would come, they would call me.
Humans, they say, 'Do the thing!'. I say Welcome To NUF."

"Are their others like you?"
"Models...better..clones..clones clones clone."
"Clone?" I asked.
"He is best of us. Protect last mission."
"Did you succeed?"
"I...think. I think. He good."
"If I ever meet this...uhh, who?"
"Clones clones clone."
"Yes, him. If I meet him, I promise to ask him how he is. An-and, if he is good, no, even if he is not good, I mean, I can't say, bu-but whatever his answer will be. I'll tell you."

The bot let out a crackle, it could be just a defect, some gears getting loose, some metal getting bent.
But I would like to think she laughed.

I would make a terrible mechanic at this rate.

"I will be forgotten. And that. Is okay. Humans no longer need me. Okay."
"Tha-you shouldn't say that!"

A reminder to Readers, as I mentioned in the previous blog, I was really looking for a wife, so wooing a broken robot isn't out of reach for me.

"If. There should be another. My. Husband. Plea-"
"Yeah, sorry, I am getting late, time to leave."

Readers who think I am the bad guy here. I want you to remember...I don't know what actually. I had this really cool line I thought of.
Anyways, she had a husband, goodbye, end of story, happy ending.

But damn my good conscience that now I had to find her husband.
"What's his name?" I ask.
Aand she went on a loop like that.

So, I needed to find a man whose name starts with H.
Usually an impossible task, but I did it.

Because I read the boring documents.

You readers must be thinking,
"Ooooooh, does that mean he now knows how to survive here and would tell us plebians who can do nothing but bathe in your glory the secrets to how to survive?"
Yeah, no. I didn't read the important stuff.
I read the boring history.
Emphasis on boring.
Like really boring, so boring, you have to fight off your arm to stop it from slamming the book close.

Anyways, I found the history of this place.
The truth about the incident at the cloning factory.
The truth about clones and clone hunters.
The truth about 666.

But that was not important, I am just a common man, I was never interested in history. All I looked for was a name.

And I found it.

I just want to tell you, you have a beautiful wife man, I would've married her if I could,
Mr. Happy Birthday To You.

Author's note
I found one comment about unsung hero on Welcome to NUF's profile, and knew I had to make this a chappie~~~♡


    1. daisukenowaifu Jun 18, 2021
      "You have a beautiful wife man, I would've married her if I could."
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    2. Agentt Jun 18, 2021
      Focus on the part where I gave up on her after I learnt she was married. See what a good husband I am
    3. daisukenowaifu Jun 18, 2021
      "I was looking for a wife, so wooing a broken robot isn't out of reach for me."
      I see...
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    4. Skullie Jun 11, 2021
      *silently sneak away as if I didn’t know any of the truth*
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