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I got boread eating sweet oatmeal and people on the internet kept saying that salty oatmeal dishes taste good -well, if you compare it with netizens' saltiness, oatmeal tastes better-.

So the recipe said put 6 spoons of quick oatmeal, but I put 10 because I was hungry. I kinda regretted it, but it was tasty. Since I can't cook rice porridge, I guess I should just cook oatmeal porridge, they almost tastes the same after all. I'm searching other salty dishes that can be made from oatmeal, but most recipes are hard -either it takes a long preparatin, or I don't have the ingredients- so I think I'm just gonna stick to this one recipe.

Also, not really related, but I really want an automatic electric oven :blob_teary:. Another unrelated note, I'm so overwhelemed by school. T.T

Like seriously. I just wanna throw away these books but nah, I still need school. It's funny how I keep getting private lesson but as soon as the teacher leaves, the materials just evaporate from my head. It's not funny, it's pathetic. My scores are also pathetic. Thank God I' not in the same class with my friends or I'll get very stressed while comparing their scores and mine.

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