Oh succulents.


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I recently put to types of succulents into the same pot. It's my first time doing that I'm excited to watch them grow. I've got them both as cuttings but one I've had longer. I don't know what either of them is but I think they look lovely. They're in an old terracotta pot with a Tupperware lid under it lol. I love seeing them when I walk out. The terracotta pot is kinda dirty and I tried to clean it but it didn't work. So I decided to love its dirt as well. I have some chicks and hens succulents in a pot and oh boy! Are they stuffed in that pot. I also have another pot of chicks and hens at are super tiny! They are so tiny~ They're so cute. I can't handle it. They are very loveable and cute. I want to find a better pot because they're in a little black plastic pot. It's pot isnt really cute and I want to change that. I was thinking of finding one online but im not sure what I want. I think it would be best if the pot has at least 2.5" width and length.

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