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Ara Arara
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A lot of older nuf members aren't active anymore
And it's quite saddening right?

Now who would be next maybe @akki? @Lovely or @AliceShiki?

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    1. akki Nov 7, 2018
      I’m not not active. I’ve just become really good at hiding from the hurricane..
    2. akki Nov 9, 2018
      @Raneday Epi got banned so he can only come back as a clone~

      And darkness quit, came back as a clone, quit again and then came back as another clone or changed his name. I can’t remember. Then he left again. For all we know he’s back as one of the newer members~
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    3. Lovely Nov 7, 2018
      *hugs* OwO
      im still alive
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    4. Raneday Nov 7, 2018
      aye @AliceShiki
      just look at new threads in nuf, unlike before where there's 1 or 2 every minute but now you need to wait for hours before some new threads would be made
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    5. AliceShiki Nov 7, 2018
      It's weird, isn't it... Kinda sad too...

      It's just so strange when people go ask Lovely-chan for potions instead of @Chiaroscuro... I wonder how many even know who she is anymore...

      The passage of time affects everyone I guess...
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    6. Raneday Nov 10, 2018
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    7. akki Nov 9, 2018
      @Raneday I’m sure he appeared for a bit with a clone after he got banned. Well to me it looked like it was Epi. Could’ve just been a new person.
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    8. AliceShiki Nov 9, 2018
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