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A lot of older nuf members aren't active anymore
And it's quite saddening right?

Now who would be next maybe @akki? @Lovely or @AliceShiki?

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    1. kyuukestu Nov 10, 2018
      *pinches @AliceShiki's cheeks*

      Well, NUF is certainly fun xD, it's what got me into foruming and Rping. Though...most of the people I socialize with are dead or in hibernation, and I can't keep up with the rest of you social butterflies ~w~
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    2. Raneday Nov 10, 2018
    3. Raneday Nov 10, 2018
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    4. AliceShiki Nov 10, 2018
      *hugs @kyuukestu* That's because I don't have hobbies aside from socializing in forums! ^^)/

      ... Okay, I have a few other ones... Like playing a game or two... Or reading a bit... >.>
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    5. kyuukestu Nov 10, 2018
      I'm still surprised the lot of you still manage to be so active~

      I pop in every now and again but I guess most of the time I'm sleeping in my coffin.
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    6. doomeye1337 Nov 9, 2018
      @Raneday yea epi was super active for quite awhile. Got banned having too much fun boosting someone's likes tho. I only knew him a bit so no idea if he spent any considerable time on a clone after. I heard he was still active on disc for awhile after the ban tho *shrug*.
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    7. akki Nov 9, 2018
      @Raneday I’m sure he appeared for a bit with a clone after he got banned. Well to me it looked like it was Epi. Could’ve just been a new person.
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    8. Raneday Nov 9, 2018
      @akki was epi active again?
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