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Well, the title is misleading, the worst book I have read is actually my physics textbook.

But moving on, on the first chapter of my physics textbook, there is a little paragraph explaining that physicists are usually potrayed as old boring people with ling white beard, but it is not true. The book recommended 2 books to read, which it considered 'fun' for kids.

One of them is
One Two Three Infinity
Which is a maths book, and a quite good read. I like it very much, and helped me learn more about permutations than school did.
Filled with both light hearted humour and illustrations drawn by author himself, I reccomend it.

However, the second book.
You must be kidding, Mr. Feyman.
Written by Richard. P. Feyman.

Is horrible.

Firstly, let's talk about title,
You must be kidding, Mr. Feyman
Is a clickbaity title. Like, have you ever seen a title more clickbaity than this?

The title is a generic isekai title, giving us hints and foreshadowing that the protagonist is going to be OP.
Of course, I am not saying OP protagonists are bad, but this one is poorly written with lots of time skips.

The story starts with establishing that the MC, Feyman, is a genius. From an age of 8 years old, he has been fixing radios, and earning from it. He created an anti thief system.
At the age of 15, he invented a new tool to cut vegetables.
The hell is this narcissism!!
Never before have I seen someone so arrogant!!
This book is filled with stuff like
"I created new symbols for maths"
"I solved college questions in highschool"
"I slept with a woman on my first day of college:
"I rejected a proposal to work for another physicist since it was too boring"

*flips table*
This dude is a show off!

Like, I don't read autobiographies much, I don't like them, true, but I have enjoyed 1 autobiography till now.
It was written by R.K Laxman, a cartoonist.
In his book, he says he has no idea when his marriage anniversary is, so no way he remembers stuff like how his childhood was. He is just writing this cuz his edotor is currently forcing him to.

I don't care about the achievements of Feyman, for the entire book, I felt like he was looking down on me.


    1. Seaway Jul 6, 2021
      reminds me of a cybersecurity textbook. in it talked about safety hazard and has picture of flames. i say yep, our exam is a flammable hazard that threatens to torch us all.
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    2. Lil Iyana Jul 6, 2021
      @Agentt Well....Even though I have nothing to say but still commenting....(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
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    3. idlereader Jul 6, 2021
      Or maybe that's the woman politely saying, "you're a narcissist." The meaning of the title could easily change with just a slight alteration of tone...

      Anyway, good for both of them! There's really nothing we can do... Just let out your frustrations :blob_patpat:
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    4. HNCKrstl Jul 5, 2021
      Eh... :cry: But, because of him, we have the best technique to study well.:justabotheart:
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    5. Agentt Jul 5, 2021
      The book's title was derived from a woman's responce when he recites his tale, she is marveled at his brilliance
      I am angry at his attitude.
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    6. idlereader Jul 5, 2021
      You're reaction is basically the book's title. So i think he's (somewhat)aware of how his book would be viewed... As for a mortal like us, all we can do is stare at his magnificence :bloboh:
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    7. Triphily Jul 5, 2021
      Still a DULL kiddo! Tsk! *Laughs and rolls on the floor* :blobrofl::blobrofl::blobrofl:
    8. Triphily Jul 5, 2021
      NICE! *Pats pats pats* (≧▽≦)