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Pretty good novel, but like usual it doesn't make sense as a game (especially not the ever changing exp gain vs level up requirement vs level up speed & player levels)

Author also forgets some stuff and randomly remember other things etc, kinda reminiscent of CN novels I guess. It's a bit annoying but not really that big of a deal... (e.g. I noticed MC even got a title "Vampire Slaughter King" without any explanation of what it does or it ever being mentioned again.)

It has that random-ish thing where the MC does some random stuff or whatever, and always at the end of the section/chapter it's mentioned how year(s) later it became some legend. Honestly really stupid imo, but it's usually just a sentence or two and it has no impact or anything so you can just ignore it.

The real winners here that make the novel interesting and unique is how the MC grows from one of the lowest of the low to a decent/above average human. Honestly I think this part is done well, and it's not some instant 180 full of Author's BS, MC change bit by bit over time, and it's not like all of his his old tendencies just vanish either. There's some 'fallback' or whatchamacallit often enough.

The second this is kinda nuts tbh, MC has a NPC wife AND kid, he literally has a child with an NPC in a VR game. There's a lot of problems with this from a realistic mmorpg perspective, but it's still kinda unique and ballsy of the author tbh.

It does make me have a sneaky suspicion at the back of my mind that there will be one of those unbelievably cliche tropes where the game turns out to be an alternate reality and all the NPCs are real people or whatever.
But I very highly doubt this, I mean it could happen if the author really wanted to, but it's more likely that it's an actual game for once, so that's why it's kinda crazy.

Like seriously MC has an NPC wife and child who could get killed at any time, how would you even bring yourself to play the game without being worried they just get killed by some malicious players or something?

I haven't read a vr novel where anything even remotely close happens though so it's still unique and interesting despite many obvious faults to it.

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    1. Tramsloof May 12, 2018
      Well the novel truly has many shortcomings. But when I decide to put through something, I let them pass, like I do to my fleeting thoughts and enjoy the present.

      The flagship attraction of the novel is the growth of the main character from what I have observed. This growth is both, a physical growth where he grows into a legend due to his class and other factors, while its a mental growth as well.

      The main character starts opening up his heart and area for people other than himself. He grows in maturity and dignity.

      The element of plot is sufficient to get the train going without having us feel excessive repetition, which is an excellent thing.

      And if this novel is a really long one, as they are, I will be expecting good things of it. Because the quality does seem to be improving.
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