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Well damn. I got too carried away in playing yesterday that i forgot to read anything!~! :blobpats: well it was pretty fun desu~

i was alternating between these all day desu~ just because i got bored for a bit

though i spent majority of my tim playing this and building this town, it took me quite a while to get the mechanics of the game.
Ps it took quite a while to just make the layout of the map and the roads itself took 2/3 of the time:blobdizzy:


    1. KhayDesu Apr 29, 2021
      Hm it was pretty hard at first i always had to fight drowsiness because i never have enough time to do anything the whole day schoolwork, chores, babysitting, and studying. Though its pretty chill now than it was 6 months ago desu~ i can read as much as i want these days so sleep a bit longer than before desu~ Nothing to worry about! ( の •̀ ∀-)و
      Believe it or not there are small gaps here and there haha~ and compared to other users town its pretty standard
      what does water have to do with this lol? XD i drink quite a lot you know i drink a bit every 30mins and make it a habit desu~
    2. Catboy Ollie Apr 29, 2021
      Two whole hours...:blobsleepless: "Gaps and rough edges" please, that town looks like a perfect little peaceful city. The kind where it always has helpful people, smells flowery and like good food, and waffle houses are open 24/7.
      hehehe population is at 6,930

      Grrr 5-6 hours of sleep isn't enough. :blobcat_rawr: How do you expect to make your town even more awesome than it already is if you're tired and sleep deprived, hm? >_> No no no, go to sleep more so you can do more cool things and be extra swagger. Jeez.

      I bet you only drink one cup of water a day tch. :facepalm:
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    3. KhayDesu Apr 29, 2021
      12:30 pm desuu~ though i generally sleep 1-2am and wake up 6 am to do chores haha~
    4. KhayDesu Apr 29, 2021
      @Ollielolli hmm~ is that so? well the foundation of the layout took me 2 hours to make the roads it wasn't very long, and if you look at ot closely there are a lot of gaps and rough edges.

      Though probably its just that the game tugged my heartstrings :blobnosebleed: haha~
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    5. Catboy Ollie Apr 29, 2021
      @KhayDesu I don't think I'd have the patience to do all of that ( o_o) It looks very time-consuming and intricate too. Even as a basic layout, it's fun and interesting to look at. :blobReach:

      What do you mean it's only 12:30? Get some sleep.
      I don't think I stuttered.
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    6. KhayDesu Apr 29, 2021
      @Ollielolli Mwuuuuu~~ :blobcat_rawr:its not bedtime yet desu~!! its 12:30pm and i don't do siesta desu~…
      oh thank you desu, its a pretty basic layout and i plan to do more complicated ones on different terrains which is gonna be more fun desuu:blobwink:~
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    7. Catboy Ollie Apr 29, 2021
      That's a very nice town with very nice roads (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) What a beautiful town-
      "11:29 a.m"

      GO TO BED <3
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