Please teach me... what to write in a blog?



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Please tell me what do you guys write in it?

What is it? Is it like an article? Is it supposed to give you knowledge? Or is it supposed to entertain you?

An abbreviated term of "weblog"... Is what I learnt in my 6th grade...

"A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style."
But this website isn't run by me... If I had to write an informal conversation, why here? What makes blogs special for you?

"A regular record of your thoughts, opinions or interests that you put on the internet for other people to read"
Sounds more precise to me...

"Blogging examples" is what popped in the drop down list in Google Aunty's search panel when I searched "blog meaning" to write a fair one. Then I thought, there are so many examples here, why don't I learn from them? But each of them is unique... Prose, article or poetry... Then I wondered, why don't I learn by myself? Why don't I learn from my mistakes?

Say, what is blogging? what is your opinion on blogging? Do you like reading blogs? Do you like writing them? Does it make you feel that you know more about the person you are reading about? Does it make you feel you know more about yourself? Or that there is no hidden implications after all...

What do you think of my first blog post? Is it worthy of being called one? Waiting eagerly for your replies because in future I might post some more...



    1. Ruyue Feb 24, 2019
      I late but rite anythin, like i wrote whatever the fuck was goin round in meth mind. "Im not a cocaine man."-Fitz
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    2. Ddraig Feb 12, 2019
      You can maybe try writing some math and physics for start (I totally have not done this)
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    3. rilakkuma Feb 11, 2019
      :blob_pompom::blob_pompom::blob_pompom::blob_pompom::blobparty::blobparty::blobparty::blobparty: Cheering for you~
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    4. Blitz Feb 11, 2019
      Its worth as long as you think it is.
      A blog here so simply writing about whatever you feel. Doesn't have to follow ant specific format or style. I think my first one was from a dare
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    5. Nyann Feb 10, 2019
      Thank you (˶◕‿◕˶✿) I think I AM as deep as I am dense (as in dumb)
    6. Cypress Feb 10, 2019
      This is deep Nyan sempai *applauses*
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    7. Nyann Feb 10, 2019
      Thank you Forest san .
    8. SummerForest Feb 10, 2019
      I think you have found your answer by now:)
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