Pokemon Go Progress Update: 5/23/22


Gandire Alea

[Wicked Awesome Translator], Female
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So, like I mused before, there really is no point doing this weekly. In fact, bi-weekly isn't all that practical either due to the lack of advancement to even talk about.

That said, I have great news, my Mawile has become my first best buddy. As she is my favorite pokemon, this is absolutely something to rejoice over.

Also, my Quilava finally got enough candy to become a Typhlosion.

Last, I finally got my first Oshima gold gym badge. It is a monument that looks like a pillar of fire. I'm going to celebrate by treating my avatar to that cute wrap around skirt in the shop. It's too soon to buy her the gym leader clothes...

I actually got an idea earlier. Maybe I could go around and find the exact locations of the original Kanto gyms?? I am curious to see if the gyms are based on actual real world buildings/locations.

Fire type platinum medal progress: 1535/2500

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