Pretty Little Web



Kadupul flower* blooms at midnight*dies at dawn, Female
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I finished the last sip of my strawberry smoothie as I walked through the courtyard. Impusively, I laid down on a soft bed of grass by the garden. My elbows bent, my head resting in my palms I took a deep breath...Mami ! What a day !
Tired from school...tired from work ...tired of the endless games between us. I was gazing at the flowers watching a rather dangerous looking black spider weave an intricate web. Really a mesmerizing sight to behold. I must say the spider was a true artist as he diligently spun the silk creating a shiny eyecatching trap. A beautiful delicate design between two bright green stems to lure its unsuspecting prey...
Wait... I think I see a pretty little...oh you shouldn't have been captivated by the web's beauty ! You fragile little fool...he will eat you up until there is no trace left of you.
For some reason I thought of you haha...

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