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I'm getting tired of reading world hopping novels. Kind of. I'll still read it if it's a good one. I can't abandon my reading list. I need to try to read and eliminate. Lol. QTs are still fun but gotta read solo novels.

Anyways, I wrote this blog just to compare these two world hopping novels of the same author.

Both have crazy and possessive MLs and uh stupid MCs? Typical cringe since the possessiveness that was shown wasn't the type to make me squeal and warm. Just enough to make me relax that there won't be dog blood dramas. The kind of novels I've been reading ever since.
( ・ั﹏・ั) the obsessive love was written poorly just like most of the novels in my RL.

快穿之男神怎麼又黑化了 - it took me so long just to finish this. I got bored reading halfway and was like a spare tire. Lol. Background story was written poorly. Quite rush for me. Didn't explain clearly and not enough closure. Definitely wasn't going to my going-to-reread list. Nice if I just want to pass my time.

快穿這個反派太完美 - same as the above novel. Wasn't very interesting but so-so. It have a more detailed background than its predecessor. Much shorter with only 628 chapters. The other was 2045(?) But compared to a well-written novel, the background story of the protagonists is a 1/2 over 10.

I still have hundreds of world hopping novels to check yay...not.

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