Rage, Deep Rage



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A place so tranquil it calms my heart,
The occasional breeze that swept my cheeks,
Sitting under a Maple trees,
Here I am, twirling a flower of petunia.

How such resentment exists,
Only the heart knew.

And how do the heart knows?
The people themselves knew.

That deep, deep rage,
A silent anger,
That frightening silence,
A very deep hatred,

For such thing to be exposed,
Is a danger towards themselves.

For such ugliness,
There hid a monster,
Waiting to be released.

Thrashing everything around,
A big mess left behind,
One that can never be restored.

And once everything is over,
The monster behind the bar,

You look over your mess,
And realized how much,
You've messed up,


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    1. Xx_Nekuma_xX Sep 8, 2018
      Cough don't worry I'm not innocent cough
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    2. Katsono Sep 7, 2018
    3. Silver Snake Sep 7, 2018
      @Katsono, I am far too busy for anymore NUF shenanigans.
    4. Katsono Sep 7, 2018
      @Tycheri I'll post it on your profile instead
    5. Silver Snake Sep 7, 2018
      @Katsono, FFS man she is only 15! I didn't read the joke and assume it is something dirty.
    6. Katsono Sep 7, 2018
      EDIT: deleted my joke after seeing the author's age >.>