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Here's my breakfast this morning:

I used a random googled recipe:

Okay so!!

Tip 1:
  • Mix dry and wet ingredients separately!! The baking powder and salt are really key, because their reaction as the pancakes heat is what causes it to rise. Also, I substituted for brown sugar (lol). Better colour and taste.

Tip 2:
  • Make sure the pan is hot BEFORE you put the pancakes on. You can tell it's up to temp by putting some water on it. If the water sizzles and starts "dancing", it's the right temp. This works for omelettes and eggs too. Additionally, non-stick pans are great for pancakes~<3

Tip 3:
  • Use a ladle or measuring cup to scoop your batter to the pan. This will give you not only a nice round pancake, but also ones of similar size.

Tip 4:
  • Wait to flip your pancake until the edges have started to cook and the batter is bubbling.
Even this pic is a bit early, but it's something you will build with experience very quickly. Don't worry! Just try out different times. Watch the pancake, not the clock!!​

Tip 5:
  • The golden cooked colour is caused by the butter burning, not the pancakes!! If you are getting really pale pancakes that stick to the pan, you might not have enough butter in your recipe.

Tip 6:
  • You can fill your pancakes!! My advice is to put the filling on a second or two after the pancake is on the pan rather than putting it directly into the mix. If its premixed it will sink to the bottom and burn to the pan. If put on after, you can spread stuff evenly and the pancake will rise around it if you are quick enough :3
You couldn't tell, but the pancakes in that first picture were actually chocolate chip!!
Tip 7:
  • Pancakes are cooked mainly on one side. After you flip them it won't take long for the pancake to finish. ^_^
Tip 8:
  • A dash of vanilla extract into your wet ingredients is great for flavour. Use very little.

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    1. Cryotic Apr 27, 2017
      ohh~ naisu naisu~
      when I make pancakes, I just use a premixed one bought at supermarkets and add an additional all-purpose flour, sugar and milk. Store bought mix taste a bit weird to me so I adjust it. I personally like adding small cubes of cheese on the pancake batter then cook it~ mhm mhm~
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    2. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      Cheese?! Sounds kinda good...
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    3. Nom de Plume Apr 27, 2017
      @Cryotic the advice applies to premix as well. It's just the dry stuff was already mixed for you :3
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    4. Cryotic Apr 27, 2017
      mhm mhm! cheese is really good~ especially if you ate the pancake freshly cooked... that warm fluffiness together with that melted cheese. Also pancakes are mildly sweet while the cheese is a tad salty.. yum~
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    5. Ophious Apr 28, 2017
      Any tips on how to decorate pancakes?
    6. 3rd Rate Hikikomori Apr 28, 2017
      Can you do those pancake art?

      You know, those cartoon character art where they draw on the pan with colored pancake batter and cook.
    7. Nom de Plume Apr 28, 2017
      I... can only do Micky Mouse. One pancake with two smaller ones attached as ears :x
    8. Blitz Jan 2, 2021