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Name: 小人参她三岁半 / Little ginseng is three and a half years old


Very thick plot armor for MC and her fam. No matter what the little villain does she won't succeed bc MC's family will always turn things around. Their family is very, very, very lucky.

There are chapters dripping of hate for Japan. Japanese people are portrayed very badly. They are the evil, arrogant, cunning devil. I guess the author is very nationalistic.

This is a bad portrayal of using showing dreams to the little villain so that MC can avoid her family's supposed misfortunes and made her family go smoothly. The kid was only 4 years old, why show her what her future would be like and hate the MC's fam so much? Her thoughts are so bad that she wants ppl to die to achieve what happened in her dream. I was very annoyed at first that she always wants to take MC's fortune but understood while reading that this is unfair to her. It's like giving a dog a bone but taking it away. I even hoped that she could use her dreams as a guide to live happily without thinking bad things. That's what happens when you just install thoughts to a child without guidance. There are instances that she sincerely tell MC warnings but at the end the author made her a vain girl who didn't changed from her previous life. :blobunamused:

However, there are also funny scenes bc of the childhood naivety. This novel showed that even if ppl are good, they are also selfish in their bones except for MC's fan. :facepalm: There are many fillers at the second half. I didn't even get to finish this since it's making my head hurt.

Xiao Chaosheng, as a reincarnated ginseng essence, clearly knows that he is her father in a chronological text, and will be her mother in the future, and will be the richest man in the future. Her three brothers, one from Tsinghua University and the other from Peking University, One wants to go abroad directly, but now, he lives in a small tree house, his elder brother is still a kid, and his father is still lying on the bed, but don’t be afraid. Wake up soon!