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快穿:黑化男神,撩一送一! - I'm reading this novel. For the first few arcs, it's funny and quite interesting, refreshing. However, as it progress everything seems so repetitive. Sometimes I don't find MC's thoughtless words and actions funny. She's straightforward. Whenever the ML starts to fall for her or pampers her, she'll tell him directly, "you like me." At first it's so funny esp ML's reactions. She's unpretentious. Her mission was to repay gratitude to ML. After being with him in every world, she'll turn away and left him to sleep or just don't care about him BUT SHE LOVES HIM. Whenever ML is aggrieved and wants her to coax to ease his anger, she just leaves him and doesn't care. The characters in the novel describes her as a "straight woman".

Now comes the arc where ML has a "severe depression and irritability". MC is his psychiatrist. It wasn't ML's childhood experiences that made me very uncomfortable but MC's profession. She was hired to follow ML as a psychiatrist (?) Like wtf a patient doesn't need to be followed by his doctor every single minute. What was she, his bodyguard? MC's train of thought was to prevent ML from becoming violent in the show. The entire arc revolve how MC prevents ML from being calculated but actually did nothing to treat his condition. In the end, when ML suffered from a nightmare of his past, she dismissed him by saying he's a big man. That actually is so bad. You should never say that. Until the end I never saw her treat or help ML overcome his trauma from the past.

This started me getting bored reading this. Still reading this bc I'm about 150+ chapters away from the ending anyway.

The system said that MC was missing her heart. /whispers/ I have an internal joke here. Heart only pumps the blood but it doesn't control your emotions. they say it was your hypothalamus (for love) but to be safe I'll just say the limbic system. So what the system said that she's heartless is wrong but she has something wrong with her limbic system. I KNOW IT WASN'T FUNNY IM SORRY! :sushi_peak::sushi_hide:

Anyway, don't tell me that I shouldn't take this seriously since there are many novels with inaccurate descriptions for mental disorders and the likes. This is a fictional novel, but even a fiction should have a touch of reality. Also, if I were to read this before taking up my major, I will enjoy this. Lol. *scrolls through the list of novels with inaccurate info that I read* I won't be reading them again, remembering it makes me cringe. :blobsweat: and it's very unethical to have a love relationship with your patient/former patient.

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