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Seeing comment at translation is fun! Yet commenting there and fangirl together? I don't think it's approriate, there's a thing called private chat, don't spam there.

But the problem is, idk who to fangirl with?

Youtuber can react to video and discuss about it.
Then I can make react (read) blog and discuss about it together ! Genius

Here is my table of content what have I read and react to it.

I like everything that has nice plot, not too much fanservice, so I'm OK with no romance, NL, GL, BL.

I'm not copy-pasting all the content, only snippet to refer what I fangirl! Let's fangirl/discuss together ah~!

Last update: 08/01/2019

Reading _____ with me!
atm reading Have a Medicine and Trash of the Count’s Family

Trash of the Count’s Family
Not yet
Not yet

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    1. Ddraig Jan 8, 2019
      Just check the nu page, havent read it either. Just decided to read something diff so went with yuri. Plus it is scifi so yay
    2. Raebit Jan 8, 2019
      @Ddraig IKR, making friends with same interest while making content xD. Thread on NU? where? :eek:
      I havent read Qualia the purlple, what is it about?
      Me too, that's why I only make chapter post i read too many things haha
    3. Ddraig Jan 8, 2019
      That's a neat idea. I had a similar idea and @Arcturus used to run a thread where people all read the same book or something... Now currently I am probably gonna be reading Qualia the purple.
      I might end up reading something else tho....
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