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so, I was writing Random Blog#4 (People whom I have a crush on) when my 1st sis came and she said she would make onion rings. I offered to help. Anyway, long story short, I cut my finger when I was trying to cut a lime into two part. the lime bounced and the knife split my finger instead. this is super painful....

anyway, blood spilled everywhere, the blood wouldn't stop and fortunately it has now. should i say that i'm fortunate that my sisters are unlike me who would get super panicked (trust me i was close to sobbing hard, i was almost crying). i kept telling my sis to get mom. here i am typing with my right hand only.

so, my blogs and poems would have to wait until tomorrow.


    1. Agentt Jul 30, 2021
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    2. Jevanka926 Jul 30, 2021
      @Agentt you can do it later, I'll just chain you a bit then send you away.
    3. Agentt Jul 30, 2021
      That is really a compelling argument...
      Let me exercise a bit?
    4. Jevanka926 Jul 30, 2021
      @Agentt I don't believe you. What if you run? *dragging more chains*
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    5. Agentt Jul 30, 2021
      Don't worry, I am very tame
    6. Jevanka926 Jul 30, 2021
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    7. Agentt Jul 30, 2021
    8. Jevanka926 Jul 30, 2021
      @daisukenowaifu Yep, I'm quite alright now. It may need a few days before the cut is closed completely though

      @Agentt Are you cosplaying as a yandere Male Lead/ Love Interest right now? :blobspearpeek:
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