Rebirth After Being Abducted or 被拐后我重生了 by 萱草妖花



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Title : Rebirth After Being Abducted or 被拐后我重生了 by 萱草妖花
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Sooo, I'm currently trying to eat all of this novel's author's books. I had read ten chapters of this novel a long long long time ago. But I dropped it. Why? Because I felt like it was too dark and it started to mess with my head, plus I was actually under a pressure at both, school and home, thus I decided to close this story and read this again after my mental is stable. And I did not regret it.

It started off quite depressing and dark but gradually become warm. Both leads were reincarnators. FL was abducted and trafficked to the mountains to become a bride. In the previous life, she married a man who later became her house's arsonist, then she changed herself and made plans to escape. She was helped by some other trafficked girls, a boy that got burned when she escaped in her previous life, and that boy's mother who was also trafficked.

I really disliked ML at first, I mean, what kind of husband didn't defend his wife who got humiliated? FL even admitted that her marriage only seemed okay because they never fought, even when she was angry she kept herself silent.

ML saved FL in their previous life and met again years after. FL's design got copied and she was fired, so she opened a tailor shop. ML came to her tailor shop not knowing that it was FL's. He then kept coming back with ripped clothes and trousers, which he intentionally did. FL told him that he could not pursue her, but then they met again on a blind date. FL got tired and she wanted to settle down, but no one wanted to accept her past. When she met ML on a blind date, ML said that they're suitable and asked her to marry him. Unknowing to ML, this became a knot in FL's heart. FL said, that even without a third party, their marriage would've still fallen apart because they had no love between them.

When ML realized he got reborn, he changed his temperament, no longer the gentleman he used to be because he knew it caused his family's death. He worked hard so he could be rich and give enough protection to FL and their daughter... He came prepared to the village where FL got sold and brought a police friend. They managed to save FL and her friends.

FL actually planned to not get involved with ML anymore and be with someone else or not married at all. But, ML kept knocking on her door, saying he's doing a charity but his friends knew he was interested in FL. They wanted to make fun of him but then they realized that FL was a minor.

FL studied hard and got accepted into a prestigious high school. She was in the same dorm with Meng Sisi, the girl who also got trafficked with her. In their military training, they met Xu Hang, who became their instructor, and Wu Yang (?) the instructor from another class. Sparks kinda happened between Sisi and Xu Hang and I just can't help but ship them together.

ML founded an internet security company and FL founded a brand -without ML knowing it-. They both admitted that they liked their current partner's personalities. ML got suspicious and found out that FL was also a reincarnator then FL also found out.

FL's body somehow always attracted danger -Conan physique everyone?- and she kept finding trafficker's gangs or nests. Both leads accepted their fate and worked hard to save many people, they both realize that it may be the price for their second chance. Each founded an organization to help solving trafficking cases without knowing the others also did. FL hired Bai Yu, the brother of a trafficked girl who got her limbs severed, blinded, and made mute, then died after being saved from the mountain. Her brother set a fire in the village and disappeared. FL offered him a high wage and he accepted. Meanwhile, ML hired Xu Hang and other people who were involved in an organization that solved trafficking cases in their previous life.

It turned out, FL always donated to the rescue organization, and her death was planned. The traffickers sent her death threat twice, both were burned paper, but FL though it was only a troll. Her and nine other donators' deaths were live-streamed on the dark web. FL and ML realized that they had to keep their identity under wrap this time.

Another trafficked girl who didn't contact FL and Sisi got into law school and got into a relationship with a famous lawyer. That lawyer's apprentice defended a rich group of people that our leads exposed. The lawyer felt disturbed when FL asked for his help, he also disdained FL and said as long as one hasn't been convicted, one is not guilty. Fl tried to persuade the girl, and actually, I understand the girl. It's never easy to start over, and FL's request was going to scratch the wound she tried to hide forever. The girl finally told her lawyer bf about her past and the lawyer agreed to take the case.

Our leads worked together and brought down a huge trafficking net. Got married, and FL gave birth to a daughter, and the baby daughter remembered her past life, even though it gradually blurred as she grew up and she treated it like a dream.

ML swore that he would only give his gentleness towards FL and avenged those who hurt FL. But ofc, FL also avenged herself. I think ML had learned his lessons and that's nice. What we want is protagonist, who if they did wrong, admit and learn from it. I really wanted to slap him every time FL remembered their marriage life, but then he didn't become so bad.

Okay, let's talk about the other romantic plotlines

  • Xu Hang finally got together with Sisi! OMGGGG, I WAS SO FRIGGIN HAPPY WHEN IT HAPPENED. They kept contacting each other even though Sisi had to wait for months before she could get Xu Hang's replies. She saved him from drowning in an explosion and she told him that he had to pay it back with his body. Later, Sisi told FL that she wanted to join their organization. Their story is veryyyyyy cute and heartwarming.
  • Bai Yu got sick -mentally by the way- after his sister got kidnapped, and his illness relapsed after he lost his sister, thus causing him to be unstable and burned the whole village. Bai Yu got together with Tang Yue, a girl whom he and Xu Hang knew in Paris. Unlike HangSi's story, theirs is a bit darker. Tang Yue was adopted by a boxing master and grew in the dark part of Paris. She knew many gangs, and also had many 'brothers'. She admired Xu Hang at first but she got rejected many times. Whenever she gave something to Xu Hang, Bai Yu asked her to go inside their home and everyone treated her like a man, only he alone treated her like a girl. Bai Yu would rebuke his friends whenever they went overboard with their jokes about girls, etc. When Bai Yu in a coma after he protected Tang Yue, Tang Yue told him to wake up because she really liked him. They only got together after Bai Yu got out of prison-- yes, he surrendered himself.

I actually wished that Yun Fei and FL's friend got together, but, that doesn't seem possible.

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