Reccomendation List for Manhua/Manga/Webtoons



Seraph of End ╬, Female
Blog Posts:
  • Hive
  • Blade notes
  • lessa
  • lessa 2-
  • I am a killer maid
  • house hold affairs
  • dead days :
  • Asuras bride
  • Lookism
  • Magician- trash
  • Tower of God:favorite
  • My cold blooded king:
  • Descent of a goddess
  • Tales of the unfortunate
  • Sub zero-
  • creepy cat
  • mercenary enrollment
  • Life completely ruined
  • Weak hero
  • Hero killer
  • White blood
FL lead rom/drama/fantasy/Villainess/XiaXia/turning back time/reincarnation

  • Feng Ni tian xia
  • Peerless alchemist
  • Ghostly doctor
  • Fox concubine
Reincarnation/Revenge/Medieval Civilization/isekai romance
  • Revenge of the fierce princess
  • Empresses game make up master:
  • Crazy chef Empress- dropped
  • No doubt in us
  • schemes of a beauty
  • ferocious princess
  • Remarried empress
  • feng qi huang
  • best selling empress
  • peerless concubine
  • sijin
  • Please throw me away
  • Shi yi du ni
  • Feng quing cang lan
  • Feng ni tian xia
  • Villainess law of survival
  • ellis solwha
  • general please stay
  • is it fortune or is it a woe
  • everything was a mistake
  • recording hall
  • Aiden
  • Generations Queen Ling
  • i tamed a tyrant and ran away
  • Everything was a mistake
Villainess Themed/Reincarnation
  • What it takes to be a villainess
  • Iris lady with the smart phone
  • villaness turns the hour glass
  • death is the only ending for the villainess
  • beware of the villaness
  • Way to protect older bro
  • virtues of the villainess
  • queen of poisons
  • mind reading princess
  • poisonous phenoix yu hua du ni
  • one on one highness
  • a beauty, fatal concubine
  • vengeance of a doctress
  • cheating men must die
  • attacks of a cannon fodder in another world
  • Villainess lives twice
  • Wish to say farewell
  • shadow queen
  • I became a villaness empresd
  • Survivng in a reverse harem game
  • Its useless to hang on
  • Who is the prey
  • Peony elgy
  • I wanna be you just for a day
  • Yeon lok heuk- gender bender romance, ancient china
  • ugly hood
  • Not so side kick-
  • princess wars
  • journey to the past
  • queen of the swarm
  • 100 nights
  • pomegranate blooms in spring
  • a flower that was loomed by a cloud
  • I shall live as a prince

Apocalypse/survival game themed

  • Leviathan
  • Moshi faren-
  • kuronou syndrome
  • I will die soon
  • the live
  • Blade of evolution
  • Death field
  • Shang chang Resurrection
  • Omniscient Viewers point
  • Dimensional Mercenary
  • ranker who lives a second life
  • Return survival
  • Fff class trash
  • 3cm hunter
  • kurunou syndrome
  • Noah of the blood sea
Martial Arts/cultivation/rebirth/revenge
  • Feng Sheng Ji-9
  • Peerless dad
  • Skywalker
  • Dragon king of the world
  • Immortal, Invincible
  • Volcanic age
  • apotheosis
  • Life and death awakening
  • Sword of Glory
  • Descent of the Northern Blade
  • Poison king legend of the asura


  • How to save a female assassin
  • Epic revenge
  • rebirth of the 8th circle magician
  • Ride on king
  • Dungeon seeker
  • Dark mortal-dropped
  • Bug player
  • Ominous liar
  • Dungeon reset
  • Im an evil god
  • Greatest Anti Meta
  • Survival story of a sword king in a fantasy world- dropped
  • tomb raider king
  • Winner takes it all
  • Infectee
  • Skeleton solider couldnt save the dungeon
  • Trigger
  • Endeavors cross
  • tutorial of advanced player
  • player
  • Reincarnater- stocks
  • roof top swords men
  • Trash of the count's fam
  • reincarnated as the side charecter in a webnovel

BL- honestly i read bl for a quick jackoff and its usually some sadistic torture prn
  • View Finder- you are my love prism
  • Killing Stalking
if you want specific reccs dm me


  • Darwins Game
  • Owari no seraph
  • Noragami
  • Yakuzo no Neverland
  • 07 ghost
  • Gekkan shojou nozaki kun
  • Plastic Neesan
  • apocalypse no toride- zombie apcalypse
  • bloody monday- about a hacker
  • Cage of eden- shittiest survival manga ever
  • Green worlds- plant apocalypse
  • Tokyo girls destruction- Bullying
  • Life- bullying
  • Ajin- trash
  • D grey man- perpetual hiatus
  • HxH- perpetual hiatus
  • imawa no naku koro ni- descent apocalypse survival games
  • pandora hearts- anime was better
  • Feng shen ji 1 nd 2- do the anime if you can
  • 100% perfect girl- more like perfect trash lol
  • pharmacists soiloquies

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    1. mcarandang Feb 17, 2021
      There's way too many good ones, I've only picked the one's I felt were the best of the best

      Subtle Disaster
      Duty After Class
      Guardians of the Video game
      New normal class 8
      brooklynite and many more however those are the best of the best

      Fushigi na shounen - this is beautiful
      Yowamari Sensei - sad but amazing
      Rainbow (shibatora & master keaton)
      Records of Ragnarock
      Zero Million dollar man (Midnight rider & initial D)
      end of goldfish kingdom (uhhhh....hmmm.dark I guess)
      Inspector Kurokochi (The rasputin one on manga dex is interesting as well)

      Investor Z stuff & Sakura Classroom and whatnot
      Immortal Gambler Tetsuya (kurosagi is good as well)

      Chitei Ryokou (Jules Verne - Art)
      The Olympic one (similar to ride on King artwork)
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