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Wow. How nice. Good job.
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I am living life as lazily as possible, procrastinating as much as possible. Not daring to look forward to the future, thinking that my determination will waver in regards to my soon-to-be-done action I have been looking forward a lot since day 0, ironic.

Caring not as much to what the consequences of this attitude I'm giving and how much importance I weigh everything, I am positive that I will not bare the brunt of the long term effects. I may experience the short term effects, but I'd rather experience a sword to the heart now rather than a knife to the heart every year.

I am trying to build a wall of apathy and indifference to what everything will do and think of me when the action I am thinking of doing is done. The moment this wall is finished, is the moment where my plans will finally start, and hopefully, come into fruition.

I may only have one chance in this, I will treasure this chance so that I can perfectly time and prepare it. If I fail, which I hope would never happen, I may drown in regret and lose my determination I've been storing up since the past 1-3 years.

A big inspiration to me in regards of optimism regarding said plans, is that a cousin of mine did it, and was succesful. When I recieved news of it, I had an epiphany and my determination increase 2-3 times.

Today, I lied in order to get an item needed for my plans, the lie wasn't big. Just a... Little... White... Lie.
Hopefully, I'll be able to finish my plans and finally start and finish it all this or next month. Any longer than that is a definite NO.

Anyways, wish me luck.

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    1. JackStone Feb 5, 2019
      Thank you for replying like a 12 yr old.
    2. Katsono Feb 5, 2019
      Thank you for confirming that you are the real edge.
    3. JackStone Feb 5, 2019
      Oh. I thought you'd be self-aware. Seems I thought too highly of you. You think I'm not earnestly thinking you're edgy? Apart from constant berating/judging I constantly see you do, to which I assume is cause of insecurities and anonymity. You also say quite edgy things here and there.
    4. Katsono Feb 5, 2019
      I'm not an hypocrite, I honestly think you're edgy. These are my most genuine and earnest feelings toward you.
    5. JackStone Feb 3, 2019
      I would normally be slightly annoyed at hypocrisy, but you should already be self-aware. So I'll let it go.
    6. Katsono Feb 3, 2019
      Edge: the first chapter