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I saw a meme today. I usually don't mind memes, even when they are dark or are poking fun at minority groups... But I have a line. And this one crossed it.

It was a pretty simple meme, there were two people on a white background. On the right there was a "normal" woman.
On the left there was... Well, a really fat person with beard, hair on their arms, flaggy chest, and a shirt with stuff written stuff like "sex work is work" and the word "trap" crossed out... They also had really disheveled purple hair that was tied in a ponytail.

Below the person on the left, was a sentence saying "So you think trans women are men?" and below the person on the right, there was a sentence saying "yes".

... I just don't get it. I don't get why anyone would make this kind of meme. Why? Why does this even exist? It's not funny. Who will laugh at this? There isn't a joke there, it's just an insult.

I'm not fat. And even if I was, what difference would that even make? Why the obvious discrepancy?

I don't have facial hair, I hate that. I have done like, 40 laser sessions on my face to get rid of it. I have also done a lot of sessions on my arms and legs to get rid of the hair on those, I hate it.

I don't hate the word trap. Transgenders don't hate the word trap. The r/animemes controversy on the word trap was something that transgenders felt were silly, because people were trying to defend us on something that was a non-issue. People don't use the word trap for RL people, that was a stupid controversy.

I don't care about sex work. I don't prostitute myself, but I don't care if other people do it, leave them be. Why even bring this kind of argument to the discussion? Why try associating transgenders with sex work? What's the point?

I won't color my hair purple, that's stupid, that damages your hair and makes you look ugly and stupid... Yeah, there are activists that do that, it's their problem. If they wanna go bald, then that's their problem, I can assure you that most transgenders have a very real fear of losing hair, so they'd never do this kind of thing.

And why would you think I'd let my hair be super disheveled? I spend so much effort taking care of my hair... It's a huge pain. It was a lot easier when I had short hair... Why do you think I let it grow then? Because I care for it, because I like having long hair, and a put a lot of effort into making it pretty... Why would I leave it disheveled?

None of that meme makes any sense... It's just an insult thrown at my face. It's just someone saying: "Transgenders are stupid ugly whores who pretend to be something they aren't." It's disgusting. It's hateful even.

I don't get it. Why would someone make this kind of thing? Why be so rude and insulting? I just don't get it. What's the point?

It's a place to share memes, it's a place to make people laugh, it's a place to have fun at... Why suddenly go and throw a bunch of insults at others in it? I'm sure you can find some random community filled with people that hate transgenders that you can share all your insults in peace without bothering anyone... Why not do just that? Why actively attack me on public?

This kind of thing just makes me want to cry, really. Why so much hate? What did I ever do to you? I just want to be myself and be accepted for who I am... Is this really that sinful? I don't get it... I just don't get it at all.

I hope I'll have already forgotten about this meme by tomorrow. I hate feeling like this.

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    1. A Certain G.I.R.L. May 4, 2021
      @Bad Storm Thanks, though I guess I'm just bad at handling this kind of thing. I can usually manage most things that bother me to some extent, but I have a really hard time dealing with things that feel like direct attacks, or things that make it look like someone hates me.

      My significant other helped me manage it though, so I'm feeling better now. I'm really glad to have them by my side.

      But yes, I agree with you, at the end of the day what we need is more respect... A lot more in some people's cases.
    2. Bad Storm May 4, 2021
      ... *sigh*
      That's just how it is. There are people who doesn't think deeply about things they say and believe. And most of the times there would always be a collateral damage. I'm sorry you saw something like that but I hope you learn more how to roll with the punches. We could do our efforts in lessening these kinds of accidents by being responsible ourselves and influencing others to think more deeply about respect.
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