Should I do this on Halloween day?



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Maybe it's more like talking to myself than talking to you all... But it's weird if I do it IRL lol

Tbh there are times I just wanna pay tribute to dead users. Those who have gone inactive. Well. I poked the graves of two such users today, @GinDole cause I was too late at adopting him as my brother though. @Lao cause he was a demon lusting after @Tony. (And has a @Nice avi cause @Ynot?) {*Cough* I officially never had more than one interaction with this guy though, unlikely i was noticed at all either, courtesy @Enigma }

But tbh it also sounds mean... It's not fun to have fun at people behind their back...

Hmm... So... Should I just create a thread like that during Halloween day or sometime, to tag users who are inactive and just share the old memories?

PS: it's always the best to let go of the past though ~

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    1. NUF Red Light District Jul 9, 2019
      Why can't I like it.

    2. hayyan Jul 9, 2019
      Yes, it is my fav kimino avi.
    3. Nyann Jul 9, 2019
      @hayyan that's the avatar you wore when I first saw (?) you :cookie:

      Yup don't come back @Lao leave tony alone!

      @Effugium :blob_teary:

      Btw I really miss @Ruyue ... I gave him the nuffies yet he is ignoring me...:blob_teary:
    4. Effugium Jul 9, 2019
      Don't worry~ i will still check when there is an alert~ @Nyan sempai
    5. hayyan Jul 9, 2019
      Don't come back, Lao. Please, for all of us.
    6. Nyann Jul 9, 2019
    7. Effugium Jul 9, 2019
    8. Nyann Jul 9, 2019
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