So restless....



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Wanting you to be there all the time. Looking forward to meet you everyday. Wishing time stopped and you stayed longer each day.

Wait, but it's your home... Why did I start waiting here? I know that you will be back, as who doesn't go back to their home?

Oh well... Perhaps just because it became mine as well...

I walk away in disappointment. Will wait again a bit later.

And then... Restless... Afraid when I am away. Afraid that I may miss you out... I run towards your home in a hurry. I once again knock the door to your home.

No answer...

I sigh and squat on your doorway. Waiting for your return... Waiting for you to allow me in with you...

Longing once again,


    1. Ruyue May 23, 2019
      Yeah supa soo-taka.
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    2. Nyann May 23, 2019
      @Ruyue this is all metaphorical ofc X'D

      But yes. I eagerly wait on his door for his arrival from work. Everyday.

      (I am kinda a sutoka?)
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    3. Ruyue May 23, 2019
      Wait, why would you squat by their door, it sounds kinda stalka. :blobgift::blobgift::blobgift:
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    4. orematcha May 22, 2019
      Good luck Nyan! >_<
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    5. Nyann May 22, 2019
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    6. Soosoo Fadaq May 22, 2019
      Wow, you're good at writing :aww:
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    7. SummerForest May 22, 2019
      Oh no Nyan is in love! Wait, it's just the beginning of many many restless days and nights~
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    8. Suton May 22, 2019

      I like this, you write nicely
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