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1. Lore Olympus
  • A retelling of the story of Persephone and Hades with a modern twist. It's romance clearly, but also a mystery. The artwork could take some getting used to but it is quite good.
2. I'm the grim reaper
  • Girl dies, becomes a grim reaper, has a quota of sinners to reap per day. It's a mystery for the most part with a dose of psychological/ethical dilemma mixed in. Nihilism is a theme that permeates it.
3. Your throne
  • Lady Medea gets cheated out of her throne and loses everything. Vengeance is the name of the game with this one. Romantic subplots are abound as is political intrigue. Quite good this one.
4. Adventures of God
  • Basically a funny take on God as a drunk boomer. Pretty funny.
5. Urban Animal
  • Shape-shifting chimeras. Action with a bit of comedy. pretty good.
6. Lone
  • Clearly I'm getting lazy while writing these...lmao. Anyway, this one is about a girl who wants to learn magic (go to hogwarts) and has terrible control initially. The side characters are annoying at first but eventually become less dickish. it's alright.
7. Midnight Poppy Land
  • Romance with a Mafioso. Shorty book writer meets scary looking gangster who's really a softie at heart.
8. No Scope
  • Seems to be about the progression of the characters through the pro-gamer career. MC is a prodigy with sniping. pretty good.
9. Love Advice from The Great Duke of Hell
  • Hilarious asf. The facial reactions in this webtoon kill me. The first season doesn't really make sense until the season finale which will blow your mind. I cannot recommended this one enough.
10. Newman
  • Man this one is a trip. The progression of the main characters relationship is well development and fun to watch. Main characters are a gnome (m) and drow (f) so expect some consensual BDSM. Besides the BDSM they're monster hunters.
11. Boyfriend of the Dead
  • Zombie boyfriend and scary asf human girlfriend. Kind of inverts the genre tbh. Quite funny.
12. Weak Hero
  • Weak ordinary dude uses every underhanded trick and strategy to beat this shit out of bullies and asshole. The bromance is strong in this one and I very recommend reading this. His victims legit have PTSD.
13. The Red King
  • Supernatural shenanigans happen. MC has to track down something his dumbass allowed to be stolen. Seems like he's making allies along the way...a bit early in the story, but I have a good feeling about this one.
14. The Boxer
  • I would say this one is far more psychological than about sports. The webtoon has multiple mc's all with differing motives as to why they box and also their skill levels, etc etc. One of the MC's is depression personified and the other is like a ray of sunlight lmao.
15. unOrdinary
  • A fucked up society where the powerful (in terms of superpowers) rule and suppress those under them. MC tries to be a regular dude and avoid the hierarchy...but when the hierarchy fucks with MC...well you can read it yourself to find out.
16. City of Blank
  • Blanks steal people's faces and their identities. MC is someone who can touch blanks which no one else can do and he's trying to find out what happened to his bro. it's alright.
  • The head of the disciplinary committee has a stalker...shocker, I know. Stalker is a good guy tho (lol). It's a romcom.
18. To Love Your Enemy
  • Girl who used to work for a scam tries to get her life together and go to college and meets the son of one of the people who got scammed (not by her tho). She's gotta hide her past and dealing with a guy who considers her his enemy will be a challenge...
19. Unholy Blood
  • Vampires. fairly new, not much to say other than that the art is gorgeous and the story seems good. Again, vengeance.
20. Rise from Ashes
  • Ghost pokemon. All I'm saying cause I'm tired.
21. Sword Interval
  • dunno how to describe this one...apocalypse wrapped in a mystery with plenty of action and supernatural stuff.
22. Devil Number 4
  • A demon tries to get a girl to sell his soul to her. Girl is hella depressed and will sign for anything. Demon is like wtf. Romance with a tinge of tragedy. This one made me cry at one point. :blobsob:
23. The Girl Downstairs
  • Same author as nano is 10/10. Basically a guy meets a former idol who is kind of a psycho. It's primarily a romance but ngl sometimes I'm honestly scared for the main character lol. Season 1 ended with a twist and I have trepidation towards what happens in season 2. I recommend it, it's quite good.
24. Phase
  • Uh...kind of early to say anything tbh. idea what to say...uh. Girl is hiding something from her past??? uh...Romance??? maybe???
25. Rebirth
  • Apocalypse happens, zombies...dude realizes he fucked up when he abandoned his son who turned out to be the only one who cared for him and tries to save him only to be sent back to past where he can make a difference...butterfly effects everywhere. I highly recommend this one.
26. Eleceed
  • Same author as Noblesse and artist of Girls of the Wild. Bromance is strong in this one as well...much like Noblesse. Meanwhile one of strongest uh, gets ambused and to hide, he transforms himself into a fat cat who is then picked up by a cat-fanatic boy who's been hiding his powers all his life not knowing there are others like him. I highly, highly recommend this one. Every panel with the cat is hilarious and there is plenty of action.
27. Purple Hyacinth
  • Mystery, cops, assassins, intrigue, romance...a bomb ass soundtrack. also quite good.
28. Room of Swords
  • oof this one...mystery. primarily a mystery. Dude has amnesia and needs to find out what really happened cause everyone is hiding something. plenty of action, quite good. highly recommended.
29. Your Smile is a Trap
  • Romance I assume. Uh, basically a guy who was training to be an idol decides he ain't for that life (let's be honest, it's a pretty hard and fucked up life) and tries to be normal and fit in. his neighbor at school is someone with a scary face...I don't want to spoil too much and honestly you've already figured out what happens by now.
30. Toaster Dude
  • Dude wants a toaster. Someone breaks his toaster. That someone will pay dearly. It's funny. I recommend it, it's short with only 60 chapters total.
31. Gamer
  • Who doesn't know about this one at this point...Guy one day wakes up with the powers of a Gamer. Gains exp from doing stuff, can learn skills from doing stuff or reading, not a lot of plot tbh but season 3...kind of
32. Lavender Jack
  • Imagine batman if batman actually tried to help the people of gotham rather than punching the crap out of mentally ill people. MC is trying to take down a criminal syndicate. Quite good.
33. Unlovable Replacement
  • Guy breaks up with GF, is depressed, meets pizza girl, falls in love. Girl...has some issues. I recommend it.
34. Nice to Meet you
  • Girl is a bit of ditz. Guy is initially thrown off by her but slowly starts to fall for her. still a ditz.
35. Ghost Wife
  • Already complete. Girl meets ghost who makes her his wife. Interesting read...ending was a bit bittersweet tho.
36. A Good Day To Be a Dog
  • family curses, romance, spiteful spirits. Quite good.
37. CARL
  • Robots with advance AI develop feelings and try to cope in a world that is afraid of them. complete
38. Noblesse
  • If you somehow haven't read this yet...go do it. JUST GO DO IT.
39. Axed
  • A comedy about how hard it is to get a job...let's face it, this one hits a close to home. Plot is a bit...scattered, but there is a storyline...deeply hidden. One of subplots even made me cry.
40. Viral hit
  • Same author as lookism. Basically combined YouTube with fighting? Really funny and I enjoy it. The main character fights bullies using techniques he learned on YouTube to then make money on YouTube. It's not called YouTube but it's basically YouTube.
41. Act Like You Love Me!
42. She Would Never Know
43. Neon Revenge
44. Dungeons & Artifacts
45. The Newlywed Diary of a Witch and a Dragon
46. Devilish Romance
47. Death of a Pop Star
48. Return to Player
49. Secret Playlist
50. It's mine

These are already complete, but I also liked ghost wife, a good day to be a dog, CARL, and Noblesse.
>_> I read too many webtoons...all of these are pretty good imo, I recommend giving them a shot. These aren't in any particular order btw.

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    1. Parth37955 Nov 24, 2020
      @Jevanka926 those who hate Alex are dumb asf. That kid killed people. So what if he is a kid? He killed people and infected zombies. N is a zombie. A tragic backstory changes none of this.
    2. Jevanka926 Nov 24, 2020
      Lol, we all hope they could be together forever.

      Have you read Boyfriend of the Dead's latest chapters? The fight between those who hate Alex and those who love her is amusing, I suggest you to get a big box of popcorns :blobpeek:
    3. Blitz Nov 24, 2020
      CASEIN! NITRATE! \o/
    4. LaDyViL Nov 24, 2020
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    6. Jevanka926 Nov 24, 2020
      Ghost Wife's ending is too sad I guess. But knowing that they had a good life before it all ended matters more I guess? Nothing last forever after all,
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    7. Parth37955 Nov 24, 2020
      @Westeller most of them have multiple genres so I can't really sort them that way. and, I don't wanna with 39 different choices.
    8. Westeller Nov 24, 2020
      I've raised my rating to 4/5*. The novels on this list have short descriptions, but the list remains completely random and unorganized.

      * In spirit. You can't actually change ratings, for some reason.
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