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Sometimes, when bored I went lurking around on community fiction. While most of the story isn't up to my alley, some does have potential, but failed to convey due to bland narrative (*IMO). And it plagued my mind, a lot, that I found myself start recreating the same scene over and over again. So here it is. It might not be as good as I thought it would be, but at least it ease my mind, for now.

My heart sank. It exploded. The crystal ball, exploded...

Silent. The whole hall fell into deadly silence. I could feel their pricking gazes, the kids behind me and the men in front of me. A miserable, dreadful feeling was creeping up my mind, triggering the memories of my torture back when I got caught stealing and was beaten by the noble guards before they threw me into a small cage, only this time was much more intense. Clearly this thing was much more precious than that egg of the noble house, which ensured more sinister torture for me. My trembling feet stepped back subconsciously, away from the pieces of what was once a fine and still working crystal ball.

Chatters and murmurs re-filled the hall, alleviating the atmosphere by a bit. I stole a glance fearfully. At the leftmost, the man silently left the hall. The knight straight ahead of me was walking towards me, or rather, the remnants of the crystal ball. The old man at one o'clock was talking to his right, something about shadow magic, while his hand repeatedly pointing at me. The others were either put a hand on their chin or crossed their arms. There was no clue of what my fate would be, aside of that shadow magic. Whatever it is, it better be a good thing for me, I prayed.

"S-sir... That... I-I'm sorry..." I spoke to the knight, now squatting as he picked up the crystal pieces. He stopped his action and stared at me. His right hand outstretched, finger pointing to the side, at the three separate groups of kids.

"You, center group," he growled.

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    1. SakuraHana Sep 27, 2017
      @Setra Hope you will~ Best of luck!
      I'll be there to read when you do. :blob_grin:
    2. Setra Sep 27, 2017
      @SakuraHana it's not, I was just remaking some scene that I find infuriatingly bland on Community Fiction. I still have a long way to go to make story :)
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    3. SakuraHana Sep 26, 2017
      :blobpeek: Interesting... What story is this?
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