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I like debates.Especially those where people are grouped randomly and thus, whether they agree with their side or not, they still have to defend that answer. Kinda fun. The way people throw ideas, concepts, logic and sophistry just to emphasized their point and debunk the validity of the opposition side is fairly interesting.

Anyhow, we did an impromptu debate yesterday in Ethics. The scenario was that the Earth would get destroyed within five minutes and it was decided that eight (8) people will be tasked to create a new civilization. These eight will ride a space shuttle however a malfunction happened along the way and thus it became necessary to leave once person behind. Among this eight, who would you leave behind and why?
  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Young Artist
  • Architect
  • Old priest
  • Carpenter
  • Pregnant teacher
So there. I find it really curious that a lot of them answered Old Priest. It was nearly turned into a useless debate for both sides initially decided to throw out the old priest but in the end the other group decided to settle with throwing out the young artist instead. Personally, I would throw out the architect...

But going back, debates are more about who's side sounds more logically sound. At this point, it just frustrated me to watch the debate. One should know when to push forward, when to change the point being debated is you're losing in that front, when to use an opponent's word against him and whatnot. I didn't see it much. Even logically sound points got drowned by some not so logically sound argument...

Oh well, at least, they are entertaining to watch.

Oh after the debate, I find some interesting points about the given characters after some considerations.
  • What if the doctor isn't a medical doctor but a doctor in philosphy?
  • What is the scientist is actually a social scientist?
  • What if the teacher was a PE teacher and thus doesn't concern herself with teaching general knowledge? Though, I think taking care of physical fitness might become important in this new civilization in a way
  • What if the Engineer is an Industrial one and thus doesn't involve himself in building constructions?
  • What is the Priest is an orthodox priest and is allowed to marry and procreate?
  • What kind of artist was the artist here?
  • Is better to save the young artist or the old and experienced priest?
Anyway, Ethics is fun but headache inducing sometimes haha.

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    1. SummerForest Feb 9, 2019
      I see :)
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    2. Mimi Feb 9, 2019
      The annoying thing about debates is when people don't take the time to listen to each other and keep interrupting one another. Mind you guys but I actually don't really enjoy debating orally because of that, I hate this kind politician-like bullshit.

      About your debate, I would not hesitate at all to choose the priest.
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    3. Emmyy Feb 9, 2019
      I think since this debate was at your school they dumped the Old Priest is a bit funny..It's a Catholic Uni right?:eek::p:eek::p
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    4. Emmyy Feb 9, 2019
      @Mimi I agree I hate an unruly debate but usually don't they have a moderator who allows each team to present their points. The only way to counter another's opinions and facts is to carefully listen then formulate a response.
      Also why is everyone qiuck to dump the Old Priest? How old is he exactly? Lolol he might be a mystical priest who holds secrets of the Universe (a 10000year old priest lolol):eek:
      Bad Storm is so right more information is needed besides their labels!:p
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    5. Blitz Feb 9, 2019
      I have doubts about the selection of the 8 too. A much more interesting debate could be around what does a new civilization need the most :hmm:
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    6. Bad Storm Feb 10, 2019
      @Mimi Ehh? Isn't that the most entertaining part to watch in amateurish debates? It's kinda funny how people lose their rationality because they wanted to win, to prove their point.

      @Emmyy Yup, totally a "royal, pontifical and catholic" university xD
      Plus, this is ethics class :blobrofl::blobrofl:
      From what I've gathered, their debating point as to why they chose the priest is because he is old. And they also said that survival and practical skills are more necessary than religion in this new civilization. Another point I heard is that he's a priest and thus no procreation use (because they assumed that he's a catholic priest that has a vow of celibacy).

      @Blitz True, that is more interesting. They focused too much on the people than the civilization. However, it's ethics class. One should focus on right or wrong. Though this debate really has no perfect answer, the way the ideas were presented made one seem more of the correct choice than the other.
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    7. Otwentyfirst Feb 20, 2019
      does no one want to toss the pregnant lady other than me?
    8. Bad Storm Feb 20, 2019
      @Otwentyfirst well, considering you need human population for your new civilization, I don't think it's wise to throw her out...