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Well as per popular request, here is my blog. Please note that the contents of this blog will, of course, be very NSFW and by no means should any minors be caught reading what is posted here. This is for mature audiences only, and what they do with the material stemming from this blog is a matter entirely up to themselves.

Now, what shall we start with, my pretties? Yaoi? Vanilla? Incest? The more detailed the request, the better the result.

(feel free to invite anyone you wish)


    1. Cupcake Ninja Dec 16, 2018
      sadly no one wants to post porn stories here anymore tho.
    2. HavekZero Dec 16, 2018
      this has been dead as it should have stayed...

    3. Donutmindme Dec 16, 2018
      Jus’ finished reading this thread. Where has this been? Like why didn’t find this sooner~
    4. Nahrenne Sep 15, 2018
      A maid and her lord master.
    5. Balthazzar Sep 15, 2018
      Above my paygrade
    6. morticia_addams Sep 15, 2018
      Yaoi plz with smut mpreg the ml being abused by mc :blobowoevil:
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    7. Balthazzar Sep 29, 2017
      @Mari Strange fetishes for strange people
    8. Mari Sep 28, 2017
      ew tf was that
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