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Well as per popular request, here is my blog. Please note that the contents of this blog will, of course, be very NSFW and by no means should any minors be caught reading what is posted here. This is for mature audiences only, and what they do with the material stemming from this blog is a matter entirely up to themselves.

Now, what shall we start with, my pretties? Yaoi? Vanilla? Incest? The more detailed the request, the better the result.

(feel free to invite anyone you wish)


    1. Cupcake Ninja Jul 2, 2017

      It was a clear summer's day, the sun large and bearing down on everything with a harsh glow. Cupcake laid stretched out languidly atop a chair, idly soaking in the rays by his pool without seeming troubled at all over the ungodly heat.

      "I'll never understand how you can stand this infernal weather, it's hotter than satan's nutsack out here." Complained a tall, red-headed man who walked up next to him unnanounced. "Fuck, I feel sweat in places i didn't even know i had!"

      Cupcake smirked and peered at him from the sides of his shades, watching the man wipe his brow for what was probably the fiftieth time today.

      "And exactly how would you know how hot satan's nutsack is, hmm?" Was there a wicked glint currently passing through his eyes? Yes, yes there was.

      Lottie, Cupcake's own little nickname for the chap, snorted in disdain. "Ass."

      "No, I'm more of a thigh man myself."

      "Don't care. Do you ever take anything seriously?" Lottie asked with narrowed eyes.

      "Sometimes. Other times I can, but merely choose not to. Anyway, stop your whining. Eat a popsicle, it'll cool you down." Cupcake reached into the small box by his side and tossed the man a long icy treat.

      "Ugh. Please, that doesn't help at all." Lottie, always one with a sweet tooth, still opened the thing despite his words.

      Cupcake stood up smiled. "That's because you aren't eating it right." He whispered the words into the other man's ears in a slow, seductive rumble.

      Without another word he grabbed Lottie's hand and spun him around till he laid nestled within Cupcakes arms. Before he could protest, Cupcake already had the man's trunks on the floor

      "Bend over." He commanded.

      "What? Fuck you, I-- Hey!" Cupcake groped along Lotties nether regions and found a delightfully hard piece of meat already in place.

      "This thing's been acting up all day, you really thought I wouldn't notice?"


      "Yeah, I know. Come on, are you going to say you don't want this as much as I do?" Cupcake pressed on, a stroke along the length of that meat to emphasize each word.


      "That's what I thought. Now bend."

      And he did.

      Cupcake took a moment to marvel at the shapely buttocks Lottie had built himself. And the tight raspberry whose fate was about to take a turn away from it's intended course.

      He gave the popsicle in his hand a few licks to moisten in up, then slowly inserted the thing into Lottie's pristing flower.

      The other man's body quivered, whether due to the cold or the pleasure it was impossible to tell. Perhaps both.

      Cupcake wasn't one to slack, and so continued his treatment. Slowly, in and out, widening that hole for what was still to come. Taking the popsicle out, giving it more licks before sending it back in without warning. Enjoying the way Lottie's chiseled back tensed with each steady, rhythmic movement....
    2. Cupcake Ninja Jul 2, 2017
      (time 4 bed peeps, cn out)

      While Cupcake continued to thrust his spear into the rectum of his little Lottie, he felt the cock in his hands twitch. And then, mere seconds later, thick, viscious fluids the color of cream burst out from Lottie's tool, staining Cupcake's hand white.

      He raised the offending hand to his face, snorting. With a casual flick of the wrist, he sent the fluid away.

      The stickness did nothing to halt his actions, and Lottie's ejaculation simply made him all the tighter. Not to be outdone, Cupcake increased the tempo of his pounding drastically, making Lottie yelp in surprise. He was putty in his hands, unable to resist the sheer waves of unadulterated pleasure.

      Lottie could just feel that vile thing churning up his insides with it's storm-like movements, the pressure it made as it persisted in tormenting him--and he loved every second of it. It was euphoric, making him lose track of time, a high that was completely unlike anything he'd ever know up until this point.

      But then, as he felt the foreign object begin to spasm oddly, he broke from his reverie.

      "Hey, you better not be thinking of--" Yet the warning came too soon, and Lottie felt his entire body stiffen as he felt something warm shoot up his hole.

      "Bastard....bastard....fucking hate you....."

      With that, knees going with, he collapsed on Cupcake's chest, supported only by the strength of his arms.
    3. Cupcake Ninja Jul 2, 2017

      "You're such a slob, Lottie, look at all the juice you've gotten on yourself!" Cupcake teased. " Let me clean that up for you, eh?"

      Cupcake's pink little tongue darted in and out as he licked off the melted popsicle from Lotties hole. A perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness urged him on, wanting more.

      Meanwhile Lottie gasped in horror--and excitement--as he felt the wet, hot thing enter him. "Dammit....dammit dammit dammit...something like that, how disgusting are you?" He asked between mouthfulls of air, which had previously escaped his lungs unbidden.

      "You say that, but aren't you the one who's reaping the benefits of it?"

      "Got to hell....what benefits..." He grumbled, but his body betrayed his real feelings.

      "So, are you cool enough now?" Cupcake asked, his voice a low, sexy baritone.

      "Cold...." Lottie gritted out through clenched teeth.

      Exactly what he wanted to hear. "Well we'd best warm you up then."

      "You... what're you planning to do now!"

      "Oh, nothing major. Just a little mining."

      Grinning fiercely, Cupcake pulled out his hardened cock--thick and veiny--with dastardly intentions in mind.

      He quickly aligned his girth with Lottie's anus, pressing against his ass sensuously.

      "Don't be so worked up, else it'll just hurt more. "

      "Fuck you!"

      "I will, rest assured. Eager, aren't you?"

      Not wasting anymore time, he directly drove his magnum inch by agonizing inch into that chysanthemum, bringing it to ruin.

      Cupcake brought Lottie up, letting him lean his back against him, trailing kisses along his neck and shoulders.

      He took Lotties erect member in one hand, a nipple in the other. He punished them incessantly, stroking and twisting, bringing pain and pleasure in equal parts....
    4. Balthazzar Aug 18, 2017
      @mrawesome69 you got to be part of the story, scroll to near the end if you dont want to read the rest
    5. Balthazzar Aug 18, 2017
      Turning her head around to gaze at her surroundings, Havek had a light blush from excitement on her face as she licked her lips. Seeing her favorite pastime in front of her, Havek tried to break through her bindings but the ropes and cuffs were far too tight. The injuries only seemed to spur her on even more and as blood rose to clog her scraped wrists, she started panting harder and harder and could feel a palpable wetness constantly growing between her legs.

      "Slut!" What accompanied the gruff voice was a slap to her face which only made her moan that much more. A rough hand grasped her chin and forcibly opened her mouth. Something hard, long, and hot was immediately shoved inside much to her pleasure. Closing her eyes to savor the feeling, she swirled her tongue around his cock trying to milk it for her much loved drink.

      A pair of hands roughly seized her back and she moaned at the contact. A huge rod was shoved up inside her which made her jerk forward and her heavy pants turned into gags as she took his full member down her throat. Quickly adjusting to his size, she continued her skilled sucking and alternated between licking the underside of his head, and up and down his rod. The rod from behind pounded into her time and time again, sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine.

      The mixture of deepthroating and taking a cock in her ass was building a heat strong within her and her eyes glazed over as her blowjob became sloppy. Arching her back and straining her feet, Havek was in the middle of experiencing one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had in her life. Just as it was going down though, her throat was clogged by warm semen cascading down her throat.

      The eroticism of the act had pushed her close to the edge and she increased the suction of her mouth, aiming to milk out every last drop. As this was going on, she heard a grunt from behind her and she was momentarily surprised as the dick came out of her mouth and a load was dumped into her womb. "Oh fuck! Oh.." Now that her mouth was free to speak, a string of obscenities came out of her mouth as the next guy moved behind her. Feeling the size of this guy's member, she tightly grasped the rope and screamed in the midst of pleasure and pain.

      After a couple painful slams from behind, she gradually got used to it and her pleasure overrode her pain. Words came out of her mouth but they were muffled by the sounds of her rough gasping. "Don't stop! Fuck me harder!" As she was amidst her carnall lust, the first man sat in a chair and looked towards the man beside him. "Why don't you release little awesome?"

      Not expecting the idea, the second man hesitated before quickly heading towards the side of the warehouse. Opening a door and entering inside, he came out with a cage, inside which was a squirrel. Seeing the woman writhing in pleasure as she got her brains fucked out on the floor, the squirrel became frantic. "FUUUUUUUUCK!!" Havek screeched from the pleasure of a second orgasm and she heard an exclamation of surprise come from her left but she ignored it in lieu of the pleasure that the stranger behind her was providing.

      At least 10 inches of meat was shoved into her pussy, sloshing the juices around and hitting her just right. A puddle of liquid formed between her legs as she squirted against the floor. "OOOOHH!!" Then, for the second time that day, the third load of cum entered her body. The man exclaimed, "Fuck this is some good pussy."

      Moving around to her front, she eagerly slurped up the juices that coated his hard cock. Trying to get him hard again, she eagerly awaited the next time he fucked her. At the moment she finished cleaning him though, something furry jumped onto her back. She managed to break contact from his dick for enough seconds to notice the pungent smell of sex and sweat in the air before looking behind her. A look of confusion made its way onto her face which soon turned into a look of eager ecstasy.

      On her back was a large squirrel with a barbed penis that was at least 13 inches long. Although it wasn't that thick, the length made up for more than anything. Shaking her ass, she lowered her head and stuck her backside in the air as a sign for the squirrel to go ahead, not like he wasn't going to do it anyway.

      She felt the first couple of inches invade her ass and she bit her lip. Closing her eyes to envelop herself in the pain of losing one of her firsts, and the pleasure she was getting from it, she wished the moment would never go away. Panting from the lust, the squirrel eagerly drove its member as far up as possible while relishing the screams of agony and ecstasy. Driving its way into her ass proved as pleasureable as it thought and it roughly fucker her wth wild abandon that only an animal could produce.

      Driving herself back on the squirrel’s dick, she quivered as pleasure rocked her senses, Her engorged pussy was frothing with her juices, and the juices that the men left behind. “Mmmmmmmmm!” The pleasure itself stopped her from formulating any words she could muster as he rocked her way through her third, fourth, and fifth orgasm.

      Somewhere along the rough fucking, she got one hand free which allowed her to reach her hand below to fiercely rub her inflamed clitoris. Moans painted the warehouse a strange color until five minutes later when Havek had her 13th orgasm. She had discovered that she could have consecutive orgasms with the squirrel as she screamed out in apparent pleasure, the ground becoming something akin to a sea, or at least that’s what it smelled like.

      After dumping the fourth load of the day into her, the squirrel slicked his member out of her and rested on her back. 15 minutes later, she had her clothes on and was thanking the men for the wonderful night. Leaving with a squirrel on her shoulder, her panties became moist thinking of her future fuckbuddy

      1,075 words of pure fuck you
    6. Cupcake Ninja Jul 5, 2017
      The naughty sounds that thing made as it ravaged his mouth was divine. A thick, viscuous liquid was born, the spit and pre-cum mixing to give rise to a bone white fluid that kept the meaty flesh from drying out.

      Ignus felt a hand tangle itself in his hair and take control of his movements. A sudden and powerful force drove him forward. As Ignus' tongue had wrapped itself around the veiny shaft, he felt it drive straight down his mouth and choke him.

      Moments later something incredibly hot shot forth and Ignus all but gagged. The shaft disappeared but two fingers closed his nose and a sweaty palm closed his lips shut, making him have to swallow the stuff.

      Well. Kisses were probably off the table from now on. At least from himself.

      Ignus stood up, knees hurting.

      L4's hand again took charge, pulling down Ignus's shorts and , then lifted him out of them and pinned him to the wall like soem sort of ragdoll.

      Knowing what was coming, Ignus promptly wound his legs around L4's waist and relaxed. Then without any warning at all a great pressure built up along his rear. Something massive was invading his body, tearing itself inside, no regard for anything at all. The pain was too much, causing Ignus to hunch forward and bite hard on L4's shoulder.
    7. Heyu Jul 2, 2017
      haters gonna hate sensei, the one who didn't gave you 5 starts is a closet faggot with daddy issues that don't understand the amplitud of the grand dao of perversion and all it's derivations..

      You are the best!
    8. HavekZero Aug 18, 2017
      Currently in class so can't really do anything to you.

      Just slather your arse with loads of lube and wait for me to get back home.

      I promise you a wonderful anal experience.