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Well as per popular request, here is my blog. Please note that the contents of this blog will, of course, be very NSFW and by no means should any minors be caught reading what is posted here. This is for mature audiences only, and what they do with the material stemming from this blog is a matter entirely up to themselves.

Now, what shall we start with, my pretties? Yaoi? Vanilla? Incest? The more detailed the request, the better the result.

(feel free to invite anyone you wish)


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      Drowsiness threatened Katrina to put her to sleep as she woke up for the second time that night. Fully trying to comply with drowsiness’ demands, Katrina closes her eyes again as she knows she has to go to college the next morning. She had just turned 18 only a couple months ago and had applied to one of the most prominent universities around.

      They readily accepted the high achieving student because of her previous record but also because of her brother, Tony. Being a genius in his own right, he breezed through the tests and the college couldn’t keep him as a student for more than three years before he graduated. Of course that’s not to say he left, he bought a house nearby and became a professor in nuclear physics. Tony was 25, handsome, smart, and married but that didn’t stop Katrina from having a crush on him.

      Although he had only thought of her as a sister, it was far different from her side of things so when he offered her a place to stay when she got accepted into the college, she hastily accepted and thus here we are. With her eyes closed once more, Katrina made her way off to dreamland but she couldn’t fall to sleep because she had to go to the bathroom. After a couple minutes of laying in bed, enjoying the warmth that the blanket brought her, she finally resolved herself to leave the bed.

      The cold of the air immediately caused goosebumps to appear on Katrina’s skin as she stumbled her way to the stairs. Usually, she was gratified that her room was on the second floor but it was not the case as there wasn’t a bathroom on the second floor. The amount of times she cursed the floor planner was comparable to the amount of times she went to the bathroom at night.

      Making her way down the stairs, Katrina began to hear strange noises coming down from below. Immediately stalling, she tenses in fear before slowly descending down, step by step as the sounds become clearer and clearer. The strange noises became light giggles, heated moans, and rampant panting. A blush appeared on Katrina’s face as she realised what was happening and she felt a curiosity immediately surface in her mind.

      Four more steps down the stairs, Katrina peeked her head around the corner as she felt growing arousal to see her brother and his wife having sex in the living room, thankfully facing away from her. A heat developed between Katrina’s legs as she watched the vigorous pounding Tony was giving his wife, Emma.

      A breathless moan came from Emma’s mouth as the smacking of their flesh became faster. “I’m about to-” With those words, Katrina could see Emma’s body tense and Tony quickly covered her mouth. “Warn me earlier next time! We could wake up Katrina!” Only half listening to her husband, convulsions went through her body as the pleasure added up to a stunning orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt his warm member hit her weak points again and again.

      Grunting, her moans were muffled by Tony’s hand as he continued on with his fucking. The slaps of flesh were getting more heated as Tony’s breathing began to do the same. “Fuck!” He silently screamed out a curse as he emptied out the depths of his balls into his wife. An eager moan escaped Emma’s lips as her back arched even further and she readily accepted all that he gave her.

      Afterwards, the two laid together and panted out of exhaustion. Emma reached over and cupped her husband’s boys before moving down and wrapping her lips around his member, thoroughly cleaning every centimeter. Now that she had a clear view, Katrina’s blush deepened as her panties grew more moist. His penis was at least 6 inches from what she could see and it looked quite thick as well.

      After cleaning his member well Emma slapped it against her cheek and got up to put her pajamas on while Tony groaned and did the same. Mentally panicking, Katrina quickly and quietly rushed up the stairs back into her own room leaving the door open to the point where only a slit was shown. Peering through the crack, Katrina watched as both Tony and Emma came up with a loving look in their eyes and the former’s hand on the latter’s ass and suddenly, a pang of jealousy hit Katrina.

      Why wasn’t she able to be the one he fucked, the one who he would kiss, the one he would make love to? Was it because they were siblings? Was it the age difference? Was it because he was already taken? Katrina couldn’t really say but as she climbed back into her bed she felt a pang of sadness, and arousal.

      She grabbed a towel on her bedside and spread it out beneath her before unclothing herself, laying her sex out to the world. Using her finger, she traced her nipples slowly before reaching further down. Fiddling with her clitoris, small shocks of pleasure were sent down her spine. When she inserted one into her pussy, she closed her eyes and imagined that it was not her that was doing it but Tony. Her eyelids began to flutter as her dream seemed to become real.

      Deeper, faster, harder. The motions she made that night led to the strongest orgasm she had ever had. Satisfied, Katrina fantasized one last time before going to bed whilst letting only a single tear slip from her eye. The next day she woke up and watched as both Tony and Emma got ready for work with knowing gazes in their eyes. Of course, it had nothing to do with Katrina’s acts but rather their own.

      Katrina began to dislike Emma, but she couldn’t bring herself to hate her and as she got ready for college, all her thoughts were cleaned of her ill will. When will I be his? That was the question which plagued Katrina throughout the day. When she was taking her classes, she had not paid too much attention to the lecture, but to that one question which haunted her. Slowly she began to formulate a plan, in two days Tony didn’t have classes and thus he didn’t have to go to work.

      He would sleep in that day, he always did. She too would take the day off, and Emma would be the only one to leave the home. She would make her move then, but what would she do? Time passed slowly as she mulled through the days but eventually she came to a conclusion the night before the act would take place. She had already requested a leave of absence for the next day which was approved and she made sure that neither Emma nor Tony found out about it.

      Going to sleep early, she missed another session of vigorous pounding in the living room but she wouldn’t regret it this time. When she woke up, she leapt up from bed and watched as Emma got ready for work. “Tony still sleeping?” Katrina prodded.

      “You know him Kat, every wednesday he sleeps like a log.” Emma lightly giggled with love in her eyes and Katrina felt a little guilt. Should she be doing this? Her momentary doubts were wiped away in the next second. Of course she should. “Alright, see you later Emma.”

      “Bye!” After closing the door, Katrina waited a couple minutes before she went into her brother’s bedroom. Looking inside, she could see him laying in his bed without his shirt on, frontside up. Making sure to close the blinds and turn off the lights, Katrina took her clothes off quietly before approaching his bedside.

      Her breathing became labored and a familiar wetness formed between her legs. Carefully removing the blanket, she felt an edge of the cloth bump against her secret place and almost groaned at even that slight touch. Taking a deep breath, she removed the blanket all the way before throwing it on the ground. Tony, still sleeping, furrowed his eyebrows but remained still after mumbling something incoherent.

      This however served to make Katrina pause in her tracks, sweat running down her back. Whether the sweat was from excitement or nervousness was yet to be shown. After a couple seconds, Katrina breathed a sigh of relief and moved up to pull off Tony’s shorts. Twenty seconds later and Tony was sleeping in the nude with a similarly nude girl saddling up between his thighs mesmerised by what was between them.

      Gulping, she reached one hand forward and grasped his member. Stroking it and feeling it harden, she was fanatically inclined not to stop. Tony’s eyebrows flared up a little but he eventually returned to snoring, going unnoticed by Katrina. Taking what was in her hand, Katrina brung her face to it closer and closer before licking the tip and she crinkled her nose.

      Was the taste bad? No. But the combination of sweat and a certain woman’s juices had coated it in a layer of smell. Feeling the need to remedy this, Katrina became more assertive, at first it was one lick then two, but soon she was running her tongue down the underside of his cock making sure not to leave out his balls. Tony’s face was now constantly twitching and it seemed that he was on the verge of waking up, or so his heavy breathing had said.

      Kissing the tip to gain some courage, Katrina wrapped her lips around the tip before suckling on it. A groan came out of Tony as Katrina increased her endeavors a step further. Running her mouth down and up, down and up the shaft, she started to enjoy the test far more than she had originally thought she would. After a couple minutes, Tony’s lower half jerked up and she gagged slightly, surprised at the sudden movement.

      She was more surprised however when she heard Tony’s tired but pleased voice. “Emma? Shouldn’t you urgh- be at work by now?” Not wanting to spoil the fun, he did nothing to stop her even when she didn’t answer. After a couple seconds though, Tony picked up his phone from the nightstand and a cold sweat appeared on Katrina’s back.

      He turned it on before he looked at the time and he laughed. “Katrina’s at school so we can do whatever we want huh?” Actively thrusting his hips to meet the downward stroke of Katrina’s lips, Tony put his phone away and rested a hand on Katrina’s head, guiding her up and down. “Trying out new techniques I see. They’re a bit clumsy but I suppose it has its own charm.”

      Still not answering, Katrina gave a breathy gasp as Tony seized her tits. “Can’t say I like the silent roleplay but I’ll roll with it. Get up here and ride me.”

      A lump formed in Katrina’s throat and no, it was not his dick, that is a separate lump in her throat. Extracting his member from her mouth, Katrina climbed up the bed slowly, until his cock rested just underneath her velvety tunnel. Slowly lowering herself onto his cock, Katrina was surprised at how big it was once again. It had to be at least as big as her dildo, which was seven and a half inches, and could have possibly been bigger.

      Lowering herself slowly, she teased out his reaction moaning exquisitely whenever he groaned in eagerness. “You got a cold or something babe? You feel and sound different.” Continuing to stay silent, Katrina increased the speed of her thrusts, each being met by one of Tony’s own thrusts. The moaning and groaning got more and more intense the longer the deed went on. Feeling the warm, wet, and velvety pussy wrap around his cock made him want to burst but he wasn't ready yet and he knew she wasn’t either.

      Angling his thrusts, ‘Emma’ gasped out loud more and more with each one becoming more frequent and louder by the second. Similarly, he was doing the same as he rammed his member into her vagina. “Emma, I’m going to-”


      An alarm went off in Tony’s head as he heard that voice and his face blanched as she began milking his cock of his cum. As fast as humanly possible, Tony grabbed his phone and shone the light downward to his cock. The first thing he saw was a landing strip, followed by a shapely stomach and pert, round, full breats. At this point he grew even paler as his phone continued upwards.

      When he saw the face of the woman he nearly blacked out. Plump, full lips, phoenix eyes, a small but cute nose, it was the fact that every guy would want in bed. Just not him.


      He looked on as a blush formed on her face, somehow reddening her intoxicated look even further. Half lidded eyes and a gasping mouth made it so he knew she had orgasmed but shock, fear, and guilt had plagued his mind right now. He just received a blowjob from his litter sister. He just fucked and came inside his darling little sister.

      Some part of his mind reveled in the conquest but the more rational one immediately pushed those thoughts back and made him regret doing anything at all. Quickly shoving her off of him, he curled up to try to get far away from her.

      “Y-You… Why?!”

      The room was still dark, the only light coming from Tony’s cell phone which had been turned upwards.

      “I-I… I love you Tony!”

      Hearing her shout it out with such conviction had further deepened Tony’s shock. What should he do? Not knowing what action to take first, he decided on one thing for sure. “Katrina, get out. I need to think right now.”


      “GET OUT!”

      Silence filled the room as Katrina retreated softly as her brother Tony started mumbling incoherently.


      4 Days had passed since then and it seemed like the two went back to normal. Tony had put the event behind him and had kept it a secret from anyone and everyone, including his wife Emma. Speaking of, he was looking out the second story window down at the driveway as he watched Emma leave the house.

      “HEY TONY!”

      Curious, Tony looked down to see Emma shouting up at him.


      “I think Katrina might have someone she likes, she seems to have that youthful glow to her now!”

      Looking at Tony, Emma could see that he closed his eyes deep in thought. She had delivered what she wanted to say and she continued towards her car. “See you later babe!” His loud voice cut her silence and a smiled filled her face. “Love you too babe!” Though with that, she left the house for work.

      Unbeknownst to her the reason Tony closed his eyes wasn’t to think, it was because he had thoroughly injected his serum to the deepest parts of Katrina’s throat. Yes, Tony had put the event behind him but in a different way then you might expect. Though as he looked down at Katrina’s lust filled eyes he began to feel a small amount of regret.

      He thrust her onto the bed and began plowing her with a single question in mind. How would he fulfill two horny girls at the same time, especially when one didn’t know about the other?
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    7. Cupcake Ninja Aug 26, 2017
      Alright be. here: Write something incestuous. The characters are katrina and her brother Tony. The plot shall be of the 18 yo katrina spending the day at her 25 year old brother's house and seeing him making love to his wife late at night as she walks to the bathroom, the two fornicating on the living room below the second floor. Katrina later feels a pang of jealousy and when the wife leaves the morning of the next day for work, she sneaks into her brother's room and closes the curtains to make it darker, then begins to suck at his cock. When he wakes, he thinks its his wife and due to the darkness he cant tell who it really is until she straddles his cock and cries out his name just before he cums, him having before then been growing suspicious in the back of his mind as he hears her moans which sound a touch familiar.

      Do that story, but more detailed, you can gloss over a bit of the set up, summarize it, till you get to the actual act.
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      I'm bored.
      If I have time, I'll write one. Any requests?
      Requests include characters, plot, plot ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧, other~