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Well as per popular request, here is my blog. Please note that the contents of this blog will, of course, be very NSFW and by no means should any minors be caught reading what is posted here. This is for mature audiences only, and what they do with the material stemming from this blog is a matter entirely up to themselves.

Now, what shall we start with, my pretties? Yaoi? Vanilla? Incest? The more detailed the request, the better the result.

(feel free to invite anyone you wish)


    1. Nahrenne Aug 19, 2017
      The sorceress, Chantelle, was busy mixing potions in her laboratory, her pet wolf and crow watching with interest, as their mistress smiled happily whilst doing her work. Chantelle was a disciple of one of the greatest sorcerers in the world and she had been under his tutelage for close to 50 years. Due to the magic in her blood, she remained ever youthful and beautiful in appearance, having a curvaceous body with an ample bosom and swinging hips. It never crossed her mind that her outfit was inappropriate for a sorceress to wear, with her deep cleavage in full view, her large, soft mounds tightly squeezed by her leather straps for a top; her fleshy thighs tightly wrapped by her leather mini-skirt, unaware that this was due to her master's own fetishes and fantasies towards her.

      Although Chantelle had been a disciple for many years, and was very accomplished at using spells, she had never been taught the skill of potion-making before, and her master had finally allowed her to learn. Some would think that, being a student of the greatest sorcerer in the world would make her an equally great sorceress, but that would be incorrect. You see...a discipleship is meant to last for only a decade at the most, before the student leaves with the knowledge gained to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately...Chantelle was...challenged...in the common sense department...This was the main reason why her master had left it so long before allowing her to learn potion-making, hence her not being a fully fledged sorceress until she learned, at least, the basics.

      Mixing her current potions, she laughed in excitement over what her concoctions would turn out to be. She had decided to impress her master by making her own potions instead of following the meticulous instructions for a simple, three ingredient recipe written by him. Instead, she had chosen to make two potions with twelve ingredients each.

      Smiling whilst wiggling her hips, she added her ingredients and leaned over her cauldrons to reach some other ingredients. Unfortunately for her, she knocked both cauldrons over and spilled the first all over her and the second all over her two pets.
      "Oh no!"
      She exclaimed as she saw her wolf and crow soaked through by the hot liquid.
      "Are you two alright!?!"
      She went over to them and began casting a spell to dry them.
      "Wistal corins del--"
      Before she could finish her spell, her wolf pounced onto her and grew larger, turning into a wolf man, his furry arms holding her down and his wolf ears poking out through his furry mane.
      "Oh, dear! Lupus! What's happened to you!?!"
      Unaware of what her situation was, she began squirming under Lupus, trying to get out from under him so she could help him, but her arms were held down by another pair of black, feathery arms. Looking behind her, Chantelle saw her crow had also transformed, looking like a black bird-man with a long beak, two large black wings and a large black feathery crest on his head.
      "CarCar! You too!?!"
      Before she could say anymore, she felt herself grow hot inside, her skin becoming sensitive to her pets' touch. Not realising that this was the affects of the potion that fell on her, she began panting heavily, releasing arousing pheromones that her pets all too easily and happily responded to.

      moving his head down to underneath her mini-skirt, he began doing what all canines do best - licking - and started teasing her soft, wet region.
      "Ah~! Lupus!?! What ahh~ you doing~!?!"
      Lupus didn't answer her, instead nibbling at her fleshy thigh before going back to tasting her sweet nectar. Carcar, on the other hand moved her straps, releasing her large mounds from their restraints and began tugging at her already erect peaks. Twisting and pulling, his feathery hands squeezing the mounds and rubbing them together.
      "Carcahhhh~! You too? Mmmnnnaaahhh~!"
      The heat within her body was spreading all over, making her hot and aroused, wishing for more stimulation. At the touch of both of her pets, she began gyrating her hips from side to side, trying to increase the range that Lupus' tongue licked.
      Carcar called out, pulling his erect member out from his feathery groin and pushed it in between her mounds, rubbing and squeezing it against her. Chantelle could feel his hot self getting hotter, thicker and longer as he rubbed inside her mounds, his tugging at her peaks only stimulating the sensations all the more.
      "Aaaaaah~! Carcaaaaaarh~! Lupus~! More~!"
      Feeling the pleasure from both her pets' touching and the potion, she started to lose her sense of reasoning and began giving in to the ecstasy she was experiencing.

      Lupus lifted his head from between Chantelle's legs and she moved her head, staring at him questioningly and wantonly, begging for more stimulation down there.
      Not hesitating in the slightest, Lupus shoved his thick and hot knotted member inside her opening flower and broke it wide open.
      Chantelle felt herself widening and breaking inside herself, but instead of feeling pain from this, under the influence of the potion, she only felt arousal and pleasure~

      Being knotted at the end, Chantelle knew that she would get to feel Lupus within her until he released his load time and time again inside her, and she relished in that thought. Wrapping her legs around her pet wolf, she urged him to start moving deeper within her, enticing him to thrust in and out, fully ravaging her already broken flower, and Lupus complied. Pushing himself deep within his mistress, he thrust hard and fast, his male animal instincts kicking in and he began thoroughly pounding into her hole.

      Seeing the pleasure that his mistress was getting from his wolf companion, Carcar was becoming jealous and took out his large, throbbing member from between Chantelle's mounds and shoved it into her mouth.
      Before she realised what had happened, her pet crow was already deeply thrusting into her mouth, her tongue eagerly licking his tip and length, sucking out his juices, her throat constantly being slammed into by his vigorous movements.

      Seeing his mistress' attention switching to the bird, Lupus grew frustrated and lifted Chantelle's body up, removing Carcar from her upper mouth and intensifying the deepness reached by his growing, knotted rod of meat. Angry that his fun time with his mistress had been disrupted by the greedy wolf, Carcar moved over to Chantelle's back and started exploring her back entrance.
      Feeling her back entrance being played with by Carcar, she was confused about what was going on. You mean, that hole can be used!?! She thought to herself, feeling her insides squeeze around Lupus' giant member and making it all slick as she thought of what it would feel like to have Carcar enter there.

      Getting possessive over his mistress, Lupus growled and bit into her shoulder, marking her as his for all to see. At this time, Carcar had finally finished his preparations of his mistress' back entrance and slid his hot and throbbing member into her, pulling her buttock cheeks apart to ease his access into her hole.
      Chantelle's back hole was ripped wide, red liquid dripping out as Carcar pushed ever deeper into her. She should have felt pain from this, but the potion was too strong, she only felt pleasure~!

      Feeling how tight their mistress was, the two pets soon found an equal rhythm with one another and pounded her in turn, ensuring that she had no chance of rest from either of them.

      About an hour of hot sex later, Lupus finally released his first load into his mistress, completely flooding her insides with his hot, frothy seed. Carcar had already released into her many times already and, after washing his member clean, he shoved himself back into her upper mouth, enjoying her tongue on his tip and swallowing his hot milk, over and over again. Using his large wings, he brushed Chantelle's erect peaks lightly, tickling and teasing her into moaning in anticipation. Lupus, continued staying inside her, releasing load after load of hot, thick cream into her womb, the knotted tip staying large and unmoving as his mistress shivered with ever ejaculation.

      Several hours passed by and both of Chantelle's pets had thoroughly emptied out their seed in every hole available of hers, the room stinking of hot, lust-filled sex and potion ingredients. Lupus finally came out of Chantelle's completely ravaged flower and lay down next to her, panting and nuzzling her neck, nibbling her ear and cuddling her. Carcar too lay down beside his mistress, and wrapped his wings around them all, creating a makeshift blanket over them. Together, all three fell into a deep and content sleep, their energy completely depleted by their promiscuous activities.

      More hours passed as the three slept in dreamland, and the potions wore off their bodies. No longer affected by Chantelle's mishap, both Lupus and Carcar began shifting back to their original forms, no sign of what they had done evident, apart from the white-stained woman lying between them, completely naked with both lower holes wide and swollen from excessive activities. Waking up from her peaceful slumber, Chantelle looked around to see her two pets back in animal form. She looked sad at this, before turning her head to the cauldrons on the table, the ingredients she used still available all around the room. She looked at her sleeping pets, and then the cauldrons once more, before smiling mischievously and full of happiness.
      "Let's make more of those potions! I'm sure master will love them~!"
      She exclaimed in pure joy over her new creations, unaware that her master had been observing her through his globe, many wet tissues strewn all over the floor, clear evidence of him enjoying what he saw earlier.
      "This disciple is too good to let go of. I'll give her that 'drink' once more and ensure she forgets how to cast spells once more. I can't have such a lovely toy leave my collection~"
      As he said this, he turned to his right, looking at a young looking woman of similar age to Chantelle wearing a similar outfit to her. She was laying on a large bed, big enough for ten people, with a vibrating rod of dark material shoved inside her flower, a puddle soaking the sheets beneath her as the sorcerer made his way towards her, a perverted grin on his handsome face.
      "Yes. I think she would fit in really well~"
      Crawling onto the bed, he took out his large member and thrust deep into the woman's already full hole, the woman panting and begging for more, completely aroused.
      "Soon, my dear Chantelle, soon~ Just a little more and the brainwashing will be complete~!"

      I hope this was okay...
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    2. Balthazzar Aug 18, 2017
    3. Balthazzar Aug 18, 2017
      Not gay, genderbend yes, but not gay
    4. Lonelycity Aug 18, 2017
      @Nahrenne squirrel is another guy here XD
      Rather than an animal think of it as a person. Lolz balthy and havek. Awesome work except it's fucking gay. Damn you guys changing the genders.

      Edit: balthy got auto corrected to healthy
    5. HavekZero Aug 18, 2017
      Meh! Seeing you rage was tots worth it.

      I dunno if anyone's ever told you but your comeback rage is hilarious asf.

      Also dont you worry, I promise you another story with only you as the main.
    6. Nahrenne Aug 18, 2017
      I...felt a bit uncomfortable with the squirrel...
      ...it would have been nice to have a warning about that kind of thing...
      Um...good work...?
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    7. Balthazzar Aug 18, 2017
      Firstly, @Cupcake Ninja cool thx, I had to find some material online to reference from

      @HavekZero fuck off you slimy bitch, tryna come over here and fuck with me. You know I have a reputation with wordplay ya cunt. Flowery tongue and all that
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    8. HavekZero Aug 18, 2017
      Currently in class so can't really do anything to you.

      Just slather your arse with loads of lube and wait for me to get back home.

      I promise you a wonderful anal experience.