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So like a week ago I started playing VRChat. As I was playing I began thinking, "Hey, I want to trap people." With that thought I got some random people, asking them to talk for me since I don't have a girl voice and didn't want to bother with a voice changer.

So yesterday I began practicing how to do a girl voice. And no. Not a loli voice. A real girl sounding voice, as I didn't want to be seen faking it. But yeah, so I practiced and have become ok within a few hours of practice. But like, I still have that tiny bit of man still in my voice/tone. But I am completely stumped as to how to get it away. Is it just practice?

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    1. Shizukani Aug 18, 2020
      I heard castration works wonders (✯ᴗ✯)

      Hahah jk but if you're quite young, it'll be easier I think and you don't need to force it to sound natural? but if you're done with puberty, it's gonna be difficult to make it sound not fake xD
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