Talking to someone in a different time


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It's weird talking to someone in another time zone. I would like to talk to them later in the night but then I have to think about how far ahead they are. Walking up is also kinda weird because while you haven't started your day they are nearly in the middle of it. For me the time isnt much different but it's still a little weird. Regular life isn't much different because everyone has different schedules. Some people have to sleep at 9 pm while others sleep at 1 am. It's people also have different occupations and work at different times. But now it's needed to add another factor in when talking with someone. I'm stating the obvious and this had characteristics of a rant now. I don't know, just something I was thinking about.


    1. AliceShiki Oct 9, 2019
      I lived 12h away from my ex... It was pretty rough, we only had 1-2h in which we could talk each day... We made sure to make the most out of them though~
    2. Snowbun Oct 9, 2019
      I live exactly 12 hours in the future from my family so it makes calculations easier!
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    3. Bad Storm Oct 8, 2019
      By now, I think I already automated that process and feel pleasantly surprised if I catch people online.