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Bitter Sweet

『Gomi Delivery Service』
Blog Posts:
Hello everyoneeee. How's it going? I hope well since I believe lord RNGesus rolled a 1 lately and now many people I know are getting sick. Perhaps it's time to use that one-use luck consumable you've been saving up?

Hmmm? You don't know what I'm talking about?

Why of course I'm talking about the limited time 『Gomi Lucky Bag』™!! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Brought to you by Gomi Ltd. Boost your luck stat using our one of a kind trash bag! Capable of containing all that trash you read and write! For example the gomi post you are reading right now, as immense as it is, will fit in our『Gomi Lucky Bag』™!

You may be wondering: What does a trash bag have to do with luck...?

Well! We all know that people appreciate hygiene, and so the aim is too get you-!
—all vibrant so that lady luck and RNGesus will smile upon you!


Ahh, it's nice making gomi posts! Anyway, as I always say:

Beware reader! This is trash and a waste of time, please do not read this if you have better things to do! And we all know you have better things to do, so farewell reader!! o7

M'kay! So what to rant about....? Oh right, I don't know why but I always want to say anywho instead of anyways. It just feels more natural to me. Yet when I think about how I got this habit, nothing comes to mind... Perhaps a novel had it somewhere? Are you also a member of the Anywho club?


Yaaaayyyy a new member! :blobrofl:

Eh-? H-hey, stop struggling—

Come onnnnn!

Accept your fateeee!!!

Ah, this reminds me. I saw a badge on Booth for something like the C# joke gang in vrc. It was the musical C#, not the coding language. I thought: "Huh? That's cool! I wanna be sharp too!!"

So I went on vrc and searched for them, but there was no one! It was probably a badge used between some friends who added it to their avatars. And so, I have taken to establishing a club of my own. Db! I still need to learn Unity though.

Hello! I'm the president of Db club! The enharmonic of C# (they're basically the same note, just read differently). Our current members totals to 1! We plan on making an HQ world for Db club and some avatars so that others may spread the joys of Db! Club activities include playing vrc, making smoothies in Blender, teaching a little music theory, group writing, destroying the default cube, and much more coming soon!

Upon enlistment you will be given a Db uniform free of charge and given residency within our dormitories. If you wish to enlist, please do so by spamming our recruiter who can be found in the ether. If you cannot locate our recruiter within the ether, please stop by our HQ world. Staff will be present every Friday from -2pm to -90am.

Please note that our dormitories will not be available for awhile as it is currently under construction.

If you are interested in the current plans for the dormitories, here is a pamphlet! We value input greatly!

*shiny blue pamphlet obtained*

You open the pamphlet only to find a square drawn on it.

We look forward to welcoming any new recruits! If someone would like to contribute to Db for some reason, anything from music to making an Italian Bathwater water bottle logo would help! Quality is of no concern.

And that concludes today's gomi post by Gomi Ltd. Or maybe it should be Gomi Co., I like the sound of that one more. Then again, limited liability is a plus...

Iya, to think this would be all I felt like writing...

Mmm, maybe one more thing! I have a habit of adding Iya at the beginning of sentences when speaking or writing now. It started off as a joke but... well it's now apart of me. :blobsweat_2:

It's even been turned into a character...


Scary how random stuff just happens. Iya, the drunk programmer aside, I guess this is it chief! Consider yourself lucky that I'm too tired to type much more. May your day be well, and your luck just as bright!!!!

Wait. One last thing. I've heard a legend as of late, one of an artist. Word is he's been making art everyday for the last decade and then some. Not a single day missed. They say, he's a graphic designer called...


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