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I always look forward to seeing you every day
Just a smile from you would make my day
I secretly stare at you like the only person in a crowded place
I love your voice, your walk, your giggle, and your charming face

Every day I wonder as I look at you,
If there’ll be a chance, would you like me too?
Maybe to start as friends would be really good,
We will be silly and funny, but we’ll understand each other’s mood
We’ll share laughter while sweetly taking a walk
And look to each other’s eyes while we talk

What a great sight to see you smile at me
To hear you call my name is a sweet melody
You make my heart flutter
It puts me in deep ponder
Will you ever look at me even for a while?
And think of me as a woman you would like?

But to him, I’m just another stranger
Though he’s not aware, he makes my heart beat faster
And in his mind, I never existed
So to that man I know, thank you for a sweet bliss

*****A random thought of my sister.

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    1. Ray_Stark Jan 23, 2019
      I'd have to agree with Clozdark, Lan Zhan the moment, blindfold him and steal a kiss:blobowoevil_horns::blob_grin: On a serious note: you're quite good at expressing your feelings via poetry
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    2. Clozdark Jan 8, 2019
      tie him up right now and said "you're mine"
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    3. Bad Storm Jan 8, 2019
      Too much sugar...
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